1. How long is a highlight film?

Up to 5 mins in length. It can be 1 or 2 licensed songs combined.

2. Can we choose the songs for our film/films?

Yes and No. You may choose any songs you like from sources with licensed songs available. We will send you the link where you can choose any licensed songs, send us the list of your favorites, we will then go ahead and select a final song/songs that we believe would best fit your final film from the songs you handpicked. We cannot use unlicensed mainstream songs due to record label legality issues. This is an industry standard with all wedding filmmakers. We do not want to be sued like some have.

3. How do we reserve our date?

Your date will be reserved once the contract is executed and the deposit is cleared. Your date is not reserved until both the contract and deposit has been cleared.

4. When do we receive our final product?

All films will be delivered in a USB flash drive. We are not a video factory so we carefully take the time to make sure you’ll love your films. Schedule below are estimates. We know you’re excited about your films so we work hard to deliver your films before the estimated time. This is the standard time frame but we also have the option to expedite the process.

Highlight – Up to 3 weeks upon receiving the songs after the wedding day.

Feature – Up to 4 weeks upon receiving the songs after the wedding day.

Full Feature – Up to 6 weeks upon receiving the songs after the wedding day.

5. Do we get a DVD or Blu-ray?

We no longer create DVDs or Blu-rays. We believe this medium is quickly becoming obsolete so we’ve decided to deliver a future ready digital file on a USB flash drive. You may create unlimited copies of your own DVD or Blu-ray with the digital file you will receive.

6. Are travel costs included in the packages?

No. Client is to cover all travel costs on top of the film package price. We would calculate flight, hotel and car costs and we would go ahead and send you the total amount of the bill for reimbursement. ¬†We are a reasonable bunch. We do not need first class flights or five star hotels but we wouldn’t want lodging in a sketchy place either. We typically would like to stay in the same hotel where you guys are getting ready at to ensure a smoother wedding day.

7. Do we have to feed you on our wedding day?

Yes please. You do not want hungry filmmakers running around on an empty tank trying to create the best wedding film ever. That would not look pretty. We require the whole team to be fed a hot meal.