Gardenia rose Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Gardenia rose
with Debbie Sheridan
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 5
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1. Making a Gardenia Centre

For the full tutorial see Gardenia Tutorial

Debbie shows you the steps to make a Gardenia centre, the first step in making a beautiful Gardenia flower. An Orchid veiner is used to add the texture to the petals.
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2. Making the Next Row of Petals

The next step in creating the Gardenia is another row of petals, for this course we opt to wire the petals as this gives a better finish. A 24 gauge florist wire is used to hold the petals in place.
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3. Adding the Rows of Petals

With the petals prepared the inner petals of the flower can now be assembled, use white florist tape to hold everything in place.
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4. Adding the Final Rows of Petals

With the final row of petals your first Gardenia is almost complete and looking beautiful. Use florist tape again to attach the largest petals to the outside of the flower.
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5. Adding Calyx to the Flower

Use 6 pieces of the green florist wire and green florist tape to form the Calyx of the flower and tape into place at the bottom of the flower.
Debbie Sheridan

Debbie Sheridan

Debbie Sheridan has been creating beautiful wedding cakes for the Costa del Sol since 2005, from Marbella to Nerja, Sotogrande to Ronda and Gibraltar. Her designs vary from the simple and sophisticated to glamorous and grand and are finished with sugar flowers which are all carefully hand crafted.
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