Pro Tutorial – How to use your camera

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Pro Tutorial – How to use your camera

with Greg Bell
HD Lessons: 3
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1. The pros and cons of automatic

First of all Greg explains what your camera is controlling and calculating when you use automatic mode. The three pillars of photography (ISO, Aperture and shutter speed) as well as other things are explained in detail in this lesson.

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2. Getting familiar with the settings

All DSLR cameras have other handy modes as well as automatic and in this lesson Greg explains what they are and when they would be useful. As well as learning what they do you will learn how they work and what they are controlling in relation to ISO, aperture and shutter speed etc.  As well as this we learn other key things such as file types and aspect ratios.

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3. Working with the various settings

So now that we understand the theory behind photography, it’s time to put it into practise. Here, Greg gives examples of different scenarios and what settings would be used to get the desired results. Greg then gives a brief summary of the key points of the tutorial to refresh our memories.

In this second Pro course by Greg (the media guy) we will be looking at how to use DSLR cameras. Cameras can be quite intimidating and so many of us give up trying to figure them out and just revert to automatic mode. Imagine if it was actually quite simple and all you needed was a little guidance that would allow you take better pictures of your cakes?  Greg reckons that's the case.

Greg breaks it down for us in a way that's easy to understand and straight to the point. By the end of the tutorial you will understand the key principals of working with your camera and will be able to pick it up and use it with confidence. 

Covered in this course:

  • The pros and cons of using automatic
  • The key things to know about your camera
  • The various settings and how to use them
  • Image quality

All this and lots more!

Greg Bell

Greg Bell

Greg’s fascination with media started from a young age and led him to study audio visual studies at college. He then went on to many exciting projects ranging from award winning films, music videos to corporate promotional videos for various companies. Greg now has a new passion…cakes! Not only tasting them but doing his very best to film the skilled experts who make them for our fellow members.