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asked March 4th 2018

Wedding cake tiers

Hi - I have to make a wedding cake for my niece this year, but she would like three different layers. A black forest layer, a lemon drizzle cake and a gluten free top tier. Can anyone make any recommendations please. She doesn't want marzipan to be used and would like it simply covered in an ivory icing.

Many thanks


Hi Anita

There are many recipes to choose from but not all are equal. You have plenty of time to select a few from some reliable authors and practice them for taste and texture before the big day. I would suggest stick with trusted brands like Delia Smith, Prue Leith, Mary Berry. These ladies all have long standing proven recipes which do work.
The cake flavours which your neice has choosen are uncomplicated and easily adaptable for scaling up or down.
Another surprisingly good author is Lorraine Pascale, she deserves a peek too. I tend to stick with what I know rather than try out newer recipes which can sometimes present problems. It's best to stay and perfect something already tried and tested for years, than to create a stressful situation in what is all ready a busy tense time. These are my thoughts, please let me know if they help or if I can help in any other way. 🙂


Thank you so much for your response. I think that my biggest worry is covering the dark black forest, so that it doesn't show through the ivory icing. I haven't made a lot of decorative cakes and as she doesn't want marzipan do I just use ganache? Thanks Anita


Don't worry about the black forest cake showing through. Choose a sturdy recipe, not a genoise which is what is usually used in that gateau. Use the same colour ganache to cover all the cakes and you won't have a problem with different shade under the ivory. Please visit all the free tutorials on the site for using ganache and stacking. Start practicing now and by the time of the wedding you'll be a dab hand! Had you any recipes in mind for the forest cake? A true forest cake has pastry as the bottom layer and the rest is made of a very light sponge like genoise. I really would not recommend doing that. A good basis chocolate sponge would be fine. It can be layered and doused with kirch simple syrup, cherries and a flavoured ganache filling. Fresh cream will not be advisable due to the fact it requires refrigerating. I can help you out with different types of fillings to keep it light. Just let me know what your thoughts are and we'll all have an input to create something good.

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