CakeFlix Master Programme

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8 Modules, 39 Lessons
Learning Hours
Approx. 110

Why choose CakeFlix Master?

  • You are given personal feedback on every assignment submitted by a qualified assessor
  • Support is available 365 days a year
  • Personal coaching is available at no extra cost if you get stuck on any assignment
  • Achieve a Level 3 equivalent (‘A’ Level England) Standard of Cake Decorating

What is CakeFlix Master?

  • Achieve a quality tested accredited standard of learning
  • Written, delivered and checked by Cake and Educational professionals
  • This is a professional programme of learning, endorsed by a leading UK Awarding Organisation for the food industry
  • 28 Day money back guarantee

“Just do it! The Programme is full of so many different skills and techniques, its so quick and easy to follow and the feedback and support is amazing. I’m so proud to have completed the Programme. Simply 10/10.” – Nichola Meaney (in the pic)

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CakeFlix Master is a standalone learning Programme and not part of the Premium or Pro subscription plans.  Subscription plans inclusions are available HERE.

How it works?

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On completion of the Full Programme you become a Certified CakeFlix Master

Learn through videos and text
Learn through videos, notes and regular feedback

You will receive lifetime access to all training materials

Submit online assessments for marking
Submit your online assessment for marking

Every assignment submitted receives individual feedback from a qualified assessor

Become a certified CakeFlix Master
Become a Certified CakeFlix Master

Achieve a Level 3 equivalent (‘A’ Level England) Standard of Cake Decorating

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Save 34% by enrolling on the full programme

To become a certified CakeFlix Master all 8 Modules within the programme must be completed to the CakeFlix Master accredited standard.

£27.50 / month for 24 months
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Purchase one Module at a time and work at your own pace. After completing all 8 Modules you become a certified CakeFlix Master.

Modules Covered

Save 34% by enrolling on the full programme, or purchase individual modules.

Module 1 - Baking and Fillings

Take your knowledge of baking and cake fillings to the next level in this Module of accredited learning. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced baker, there will be a lot of new learning in here as the science of baking is explained. This is your opportunity to have your baking skills and knowledge formally assessed.

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CakeFlix Master Accredited - £125.00

Lesson 1 - Baking a Madeira Cake

Lesson 2 - Making and applying Buttercream

Lesson 3 - Baking a Chocolate Cake

Lesson 4 - Chocolate Ganache

Lesson 5 - How to ganache a cake

Lesson 6 - Baking a Fruit Cake

Module 2 - Sugarpaste/Fondant

Learn about the different brands and properties of sugarpaste/fondant in this hugely informative module. You will learn a list of skills, including perhaps the most important skill in cake decorating, how to effectively and neatly cover a cake in sugarpaste/fondant. You’ll then learn how to create some simple decorations before finishing with some challenging techniques. Your work will be formally assessed and on successful completion you’ll be on your way to becoming a CakeFlix Master.

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CakeFlix Master Accredited - £125.00

Lesson 1 - Variety of Sugarpaste/Fondant brands

Lesson 2 - Colouring sugarpaste/fondant

Lesson 3 - Covering a cake with Sugarpaste/Fondant

Lesson 4 - Simple flowers, plunger cutter and hand moulded roses

Lesson 5 - Techniques

Module 3 - Cupcakes, Cookies and Cake Pops

Learn how to bake and decorate a number of different designs for cupcakes, cookies and cake pops! This module starts by baking the perfect cupcake and cookie, then takes you through a variety of decorations. This is the section to learn and have fun, but there is a serious element of formal assessment to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills required to complete this module.

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CakeFlix Master Accredited - £125.00

Lesson 1 - Cupcakes

Lesson 2 - Cookies

Lesson 3 - Cake Pops

Module 4 - Sugar Flowers

Learn how to make a range of sugar flowers and have your knowledge and skills formally assessed in the module.  You will learn how to create the peony, stargazer lily, rose, filler flowers and rose leaves as well as the skills and techniques in bringing them together and displaying them effectively. There are so many different skills and techniques to learn that there will be something new for everyone. Have your skills formally assessed as part of the CakeFlix Master Programme.

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CakeFlix Master Accredited - £125.00

Lesson 1 - Filler Flowers

Lesson 2 - Making a Rose

Lesson 3 - Stargazer Lily

Lesson 4 - Peony

Lesson 5 - Rose Leaves

Module 5 - Sugar Models

Learn how to create a whole family of sugar models and have your work formally assessed as part of the CakeFlix Master Programme. In this module you will learn how to create mum, dad, the grandparents, little boy, little girl, a dog, a cat and a cute little teddy bear. Creating sugar models can really personalise a cake and it’s a skill set you can use throughout your cake journey. This module is suitable for the complete beginner and there will be new skills to learn for the experienced decorator. But everyone will have the opportunity of formal assessment.

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CakeFlix Master Accredited - £125.00

Lesson 1 - Cat and Dog

Lesson 2 - Teddy Bear

Lesson 3 - Grandparents

Lesson 4 - Little Girl

Lesson 5 - Little Boy

Lesson 6 - Mum

Lesson 7 - Dad

Module 6 - Royal Icing

Royal Icing is a fantastic skill to master and it opens so many new doors for cake designs and decorations.  How accomplished would you feel to have an accredited Royal Icing certificate on your wall! Like all skills it takes time and with practice the rewards can be amazing. This module will take you carefully through all the key royal icing skills and with feedback and coaching available where necessary, this module will give you a new or improved skill set.

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CakeFlix Master Accredited - £125.00

Lesson 1 - Making Royal Icing

Lesson 2 - Marzipan Covering

Lesson 3 - Royal Icing Covering

Lesson 4 - Piping

Lesson 5 - Run Outs and showing the finished cake

Module 7 - Novelty Cakes

Learn a wide range of skills required to create a diverse range of novelty cakes. This is where you can learn cake decorating and truly get to test your skill level with formal externally accredited assessments. In this module the focus is on all the main techniques required for you to go on to design and create a huge range of cake designs. Each assignment, as with all modules, is carefully marked with feedback regardless of whether it’s a pass or to re-submit.

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CakeFlix Master Accredited - £125.00

Lesson 1 - Teddy Bear

Lesson 2 - Dragon Rock Cake

Lesson 3 - Handbag

Module 8 - Wedding Cakes

Using all the skills that you have learned, and a few more contained within this module, learn how to create a beautiful wedding cake. This will be different to any wedding cake that you have previously made as it will be presented for assessment. Passing this module will give you a recognised certificate of learning. It is time to learn, develop and achieve.

Buy Individual Module
CakeFlix Master Accredited - £125.00

Lesson 1 - Designing the cake

Lesson 2 - Ganaching the Tiers

Lesson 3 - Covering the Cakes

Lesson 4 - Creating and Adding Decorations

Lesson 5 - Dowelling and Stacking the Tiers

CakeFlix Master Hall of Fame

Meet Amanda Emery

Company Name: Durham City Cakes

“What a pleasure it was to do this course, and I recommend it to anyone. I’ve learnt so much.  My ability has grown massively, along with my confidence.  Paul’s feedback was so encouraging and spurred me on to keep pushing myself out my comfort zone. I am thrilled to call myself a ‘CakeFlix Master’.”

Professional endorsements


As an educational consultancy, we are proud to have developed the infrastructure for the CakeFlix accredited programme of learning. We fully support the quality of training and assessment by these industry leaders,  great team effort – well done CakeFlix.

Joey Greenwood BA Ed
Director Smart Training Solutions (UK) Limited
Cecilia Young

The cake industry has needed an accredited training standard benchmark for such a long time. The CakeFlix Master Programmes are just what we have needed. Working with Paul and the CakeFlix Master team has been an amazing and very professional experience.

Cecilia Young
Chair British Sugarcraft Guild Region 1

My aim is to take you on a cake decorating journey of learning and achievement. This has been a huge team effort and I am so proud to have co-written the training with my former tutor, Cecilia Young.  My ambition has always been to inspire and facilitate learning.

Paul Bradford
Lead Tutor CakeFlix

In case you missed anything

CakeFlix Master Programme can be purchased as one complete Programme package at £660. CakeFlix members can pay the £660 up over 24 equal payments of £27.50.

The Programme is made up of 8 Modules. Each Module costs £125. All 8 Modules must be completed for the learner to be entitled to receive the CakeFlix Master Programme certificate.

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Payment can be made in sterling, US$, AUS$, CAD$, INR or Euros.

The CakeFlix Master programme is an accredited learning Programme, designed to meet an industry requirement for recognised and accredited training, which did not previously exist. The programmes have been externally validated to ensure that the learning and assessment is appropriate and meets UK Awarding Organisation expectations.

Through the external validation process, it has been agreed that the programme is of a similar expectation and standard to a Level 3 qualification or an ‘A level’ in academic terms (England). We are working hard to make these the industry standard for all cake decorators.

You have direct access to the tutor or assessor 365 days a year. Just use the support option on the CakeFlix website. If you are asked to resubmit an assignment, you will be given clear guidance as to the areas that need to be improved and how to improve them.

You are also invited to the CakeFlix Master private Facebook Group where you can share your journey with fellow learners.

A learner has three years from the date of purchasing the programme, or first module, to having their final assignment passed by an assessor. An assessor will mark the assignment within 10 days, but it is incumbent upon the learner to ensure that a pass is achieved within the timescales.

Each lesson has a multiple choice quiz of 4-8 questions. 85% is required to pass this part of the assessment.

Most lessons have a practical assignment to complete.  This will have been something demonstrated on the training video and described in the supporting notes. Each assignment has an image of the practical work that you need to submit. This can be done by uploading images to your learner account. Each assignment has a covering brief, describing the key areas that the assessor will be focusing on.
Each assignment receives feedback from a qualified assessor.

Yes. You will be able to re-set the quiz yourself and try again. If your assignment does not pass, the assessor will provide feedback and invite re-submission (see the note below under Training Material for further details).  There is no limit to the number of re-submissions, but the 3 year completion timescale still applies.

CakeFlix Master has 8 Modules of learning. Each Module is taught to specified standards as set out by the training manager.
While some of the content within the Modules will have been taught in some of the 1,500+ tutorials we have on CakeFlix, those taught on the CakeFlix Master Programme (A Level Standard) have been filmed and taught in an educational manner specifically for the Programme.  
If you are looking to replicate a Teddy Bear for example, then you will find a number of tutorials on CakeFlix to meet that objective. However, if you want to learn to create the Teddy Bear and have it assessed by a qualified assessor to a pre-defined standard, then CakeFlix Master is the better option.
Every single assignment submitted on the CakeFlix Master Programme is assessed with feedback provided. This allows ongoing learning and development and on successful completion of all modules you will be awarded the CakeFlix Master certificate.
In summary; if you are looking simply to replicate a design then the Premium or Pro membership plan would be better for you, but if you are looking for an accredited certificate in Cake Decorating (currently the only one in the world) then CakeFlix Master is the Programme for you so stay on this page.

Check out our full FAQs HERE. If you still have questions please contact our 365 days a year SUPPORT.

You can enrol onto the CakeFlix Master Programme at any age.

Save 34% by enrolling on the full programme

To become a certified CakeFlix Master all 8 Modules within the programme must be completed to the CakeFlix Master accredited standard.

£27.50 / month for 24 months
Purchase Programme

Learner Endorsements

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Just loved the CakeFlix Master Programme. It pushes you to perhaps try techniques that you’ve never attempted before and the end result is stunning!! Loved the personal touch with feedback from Paul on every single assignment. Highly recommend it!

Rachael Smith

CakeFlix Master is money well spent, not just for a work credential but also for a personal achievement too. The whole program covers everything anyone could need to be a top class cake maker and cake decorator.  With Paul’s brilliant feedback and plenty of determination, all my hard work paid off. I’m delighted and honoured to be a CakeFlix Master.

Nichola Meaney
Kevin Marshall

This is a great course to encourage you to make the best of your skills and learn plenty more. Paul delivers the course in relaxed easy to follow steps and with regular feedback, it was like having him in the kitchen. The course is well laid out, easy to follow and, although challenging at times, the sense of achievement is immense.

Kevin Marshall
CakeFlix Master