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The CakeFlix Master programme is accredited learning, designed to meet an industry requirement for recognised and accredited training, which did not previously exist. The programmes have been externally validated to ensure that the learning and assessment is appropriate and meets UK Awarding Organisation expectations.

Through the external validation process, it has been agreed that the programme is of a similar expectation and standard to a Level 3 qualification or an ‘A level’ in academic terms (England). We are working hard to make these the industry standard for all cake decorators.

CakeFlix Master Programme can be purchased as one complete Programme package at £660. CakeFlix members can pay the £660 up over 24 equal payments of £27.50. Access will cease should any payments be missed while lifetime access is available upon receipt of all 24 payments.

The Programme is made up of 8 Modules. Each Module is £125. All 8 Modules must be completed for the learner to be entitled to receive the CakeFlix Master Programme certificate.

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Payment can be made in sterling, US$, AUS$, CAD$, INR or Euros.

A learner has two years from the date of purchasing the programme, or first module, to having their final assignment passed by an assessor. An assessor will mark the assignment within 10 days, but it is incumbent upon the learner to ensure that a pass is achieved within the timescales.

CakeFlix Master Programme has 8 modules and within each module a number of lessons.  Each lesson has a multiple choice test and practical assignments to complete.

All 8 Modules must be completed at the CakeFlix Master standard level for the learner to be entitled to receive the CakeFlix Master Programme certificate.

Yes. CakeFlix Master Programme can be purchased as a package, which includes all 8 modules at the CakeFlix Master Accredited level. All 8 modules must be successfully completed within a 2 year period, to become a CakeFlix Master.  The pass mark for all multiple choice quizzes is 85%.  All assignments must also be passed to complete the programme.

The Programme is made up of 8 Modules. All 8 Modules must be completed for the learner to be entitled to receive the CakeFlix Master Programme certificate.

Each lesson has a multiple choice quiz of 4-8 questions. 85% is required to pass this part of the assessment.

Most lessons have a practical assignment to complete.  This will have been something demonstrated on the training video and described in the supporting notes. Each assignment has an image of the practical work that you need to submit. This can be done by uploading images to your learner account. Each assignment has a covering brief, describing the key areas that the assessor will be focusing on.

Yes. You will be able to re-set the quiz yourself and try again. If your assignment does not pass, the assessor will provide feedback and invite re-submission (see the note below under Training Material for further details).  There is no limit to the number of re-submissions, but the 2 year completion timescale still applies.

No. The discounted rate is only available at the first time of purchase.

A customer is entitled to a refund within 28 days of purchase with our money back guarantee. However, as soon as assignment is submitted for marking the customer forfeits the right to a refund as an expert is then allocated to mark the work.

Yes. The assignment images can be shared on social media. However, they must not be used to canvass opinion against an assessors grading.

Do I need to use exactly the listed equipment?

No. It is not necessary to use the exact tools and equipment listed. So long as the assignment submitted can be tested against the assessment criteria, then tools and equipment can be changed or improvised to achieve the desired result.

Although the ingredients listed will produce the scale shown in the assignment images, you can submit a smaller or larger scale. i.e. you can submit a 6″ baked cake for assessment, when an 8″ cake is shown. However, it is up to the assessor, if there is sufficient evidence on which to base their mark. The key objective is to demonstrate the assignment assessment criteria.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

The CakeFlix Master Programme has been externally validated and is considered of a similar standard to a Level 3 qualification or an ‘A level’ in academic terms (England).

A learner can apply for RPL on a module by module basis.

RPL can be requested directly to the Training Manager (TM) via the Contact Form. The RPL application will be considered and a decision made within 10 days.

The applicant will be expected to achieve the pass rate of 85% for all the questions within the Module. This will be tested with TM witnessing the quizzes via video call (Zoom), to ensure that the learner has the claimed prior knowledge and learning.

The RPL applicant will then be asked to replicate the assignment projects. On successfully passing both the quizzes and assignments, the applicant will have passed the module.

Due to the bespoke nature in considering the RPL application, and the quiz and assignment assessments, the cost for completing the module remains the same as if the training had been taken.

However, the applicant, if successful, will save time using the RPL scheme.

Training Material

We do not allow downloading of our video courses from the website. However, learners will have lifetime access to the training videos via their account at

Each lesson has a training video and supporting notes. The supporting notes will include the method and tools and ingredient lists, where appropriate.

Supporting notes and lists are available for download.

At the start of each module and contained within every applicable lesson, there is a printable list of tools and ingredients. The course has been designed to use the minimum tools required to teach the training objectives.

If any points of clarity are needed on any of the training materials, contact the TM straight away. However, many of the skills taught in these programmes require many hours of practice to perfect. Our tutors will do what they can to help, but practice and patience is often the best advice.

Assignment images must be clear and allow the assessor to examine the submission in detail. Whilst colours and sizes can be changed, the image must represent the learning techniques taught within the lesson. The image provided in the assignment description must be replicated as close as possible. Should as assignment fail, feedback will be given and a new entry can then be submitted.


CakeFlix Master Programme: On successful completion of all 8 modules, a CakeFlix Master certificate will be available for immediate download.

Modules: On successful completion of each module, CakeFlix certificates are available for immediate download.

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