Affiliate Programme

What is the CakeFlix affiliate programme?

This programme allows our carefully selected partners to earn commission for any referrals that they make to our website. It’s a fantastic way to monetise your website, your following on social media platforms or your email list and the best part is… it can make you money whilst you sleep! Send traffic our way and receive commission on any sales that we receive from the visitors you’ve referred. If they don’t buy on their first visit, then you will still receive commission if they come back and purchase within 30 days.

How does it work?

Once you are an approved member of our affiliate programme you will then have access to a number of banners and text links. If you place these banners or text links on your site, post them to social media or send them out to your mailing list, they will include a unique affiliate tracking ID.

This tracking ID is unique to your own affiliate account. If a user then clicks on one of these links, a small text file called a cookie will be dropped onto their computer. If they then go on to purchase a tutorial or sign up to a membership within the next 30 days, you will be eligibleĀ for a commission payment for that sale.

How much can I earn?

We offer the following commission payouts…

Where do I get promotional images or graphics?

Certain offers are available at certain times of the year. Image assets are available to our Affiliates HERE.

Be careful to ensure that you only share images with ‘NOW LIVE’, which will usually be at the top of the page.

The following videos can be downloaded and used in conjunction with the current offers:

Click the links to download from Vimeo. The Download option is below the video frame. For social media posts 720p is the recommended file size.

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What do I do next?

If you do not have an account with CakeFlix, just complete your requested Username on the form below and one will be created for you.

Confirmation that the message has been sent will appear HERE once you refresh the page!

Once your account has been set up David will be in touch with your affiliate code and links.

Contact [email protected] and you will be set-up from there and earning commission soon!

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