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CakeFlix have been 6 Times Best Learning Experience Winners at the Cake Masters Awards and Paul Bradford was recently voted People’s Choice Winner. But check out what their customers are saying about them…

What our CakeFlix Members have to say…

5* – “There isn’t enough stars on here, I personally would fill the sky with them if it were possible. Cakeflix is the most comprehensive online cake school, everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals will find help, advice, inspiration and the confidence to try new skills amongst the thousands of tutorials. For the cost of a couple of coffees a month, you have a “friend “ in the kitchen showing you how to achieve your best potential. Both David and Paul are funny ,friendly and professional, with enjoyable and informative lives streams on Facebook, all the members become friends. Having attended a real life course, I can honestly say it was the best week I have ever had whilst learning, I came away a different cake lady to the one that arrived.” – Mandy Black

5* – “I have been a member of the CakeFlix community for many years. I can honestly say that if you are wanting to improve your decorating or business skills it’s a great place to be. Friendly and fun! Loads of tutorials covering all decorating skills, excellent guest tutors and of course the enthusiastic and inspiring Paul and David at the helm. Excellent customer service. If you have a problem or question that needs answering you are only an email away, they are so helpful.” – Lynda Trembling

Google 55* – “Paul & David are excellent hosts for there cake classes here in Scotland and Spain, everything is explained clearly and help is at hand if needed, have been to a few classes now and can’t wait till the next one. Cakeflix is a great online cake tutorial group to sign up to. Lots of tutorials that is updated every week with new cakes step by step from beginner to intermediate, lots of other handy tips & tools in this package as well that everyone needs along the way, easy to navigate website to find what your needing highly recommended signing up worth every penny.” – Stacey Mcfarlane

5* – “Paul and David are extraordinary people. Paul, the best and most patient teacher, with whom even beginners achieve results that were never thought possible. David, a top businessman and above all, they are both the kindestand always supportive people, always there for you if you have any problems.” – Evi Carol

5* – “I have been a Cakeflix Pro member for several years. Their service is excellent. The cake tutorials offer something for beginners through to experienced cake makers. The business tutorials & boot camp are very useful, particularly for those just starting out. They have supported me & my business on my cake journey & the Facebook groups offer a friendly & supportive network of worldwide cake makers. I have made so many friends. I would (and do) highly recommend Cakeflix.” – Catherine Holmes

5* – “As a novice cake maker I have thoroughly enjoyed my years with Cakeflix, so many tutorials, live tutorials also, so many helpful members and many many laughs to be had at times. The admiration I have for both Paul and David is next level. Very professional whilst also very friendly, approachable and at time just hilarious! Cakeflix offers so much, cake making, making flowers, figures, cookies, designing and so much more. From beginner to advanced there is plenty for everyone. Cakeflix are not just a business they are family. You could join this family of bakers too, they have a great Facebook page for members and everyone is super helpful. If you’re just starting out or wanting to get into the business side ( they can help with that too) check out Cakeflix, it’s very well priced and a lot of fun. I’d give 10 stars if I could.” – Nikki Anderson Powell

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What our CakeFlix Master Students Have to Say…

5* – “Just do it! The Programme is full of so many different skills and techniques, its so quick and easy to follow and the feedback and support is amazing. I’m so proud to have completed the Programme.” – Nichola Meaney

5* – “This module covers a wedding cake from start to finish, giving tips that are useful for both a novice and an experienced cake artist. It pushesNichola Meaney you to perhaps try techniques that you’ve never attempted before and the end result is stunning!!” – Rachael Smith

5* – “I would definitely recommend the course, I have enjoyed every step of the way and cant wait to start the next level.” – Vicky Bressington

5* – “First class easy to follow lessons to introduce the student to royal icing. With the knowledge of these basic techniques it opens the way to be a game changer for any aspiring cake decorator. It was a joy to learn a traditional method of icing; a tradition that needs to be kept alive. I will defiantly be looking to build on my learning of this beautiful art. I Highly recommend this module to all.” – Kevin Marshall

5* –  “I have been putting marzipan on Christmas cakes for years and I never ever got a nice finish on it until I completed this module! I was even impressed with the Royal icing finish I got on the cake. The two major things I learned were fully expelling the air bubbles and taking my time. So thank you for that!” – Katrina Murphy

5* – “Even though I have home baked for many years, this course will definitely improve your skill level and confidence as mine have grown throughout the course, Regardless of what age you are, you would thoroughly enjoy it too.” – Vicky Bressington

5* – “For any complete novices (which I was) this module takes you from preparing the royal icing, to showing you how to achieve the right consistencies for icing, piping, and creating your own royal icing decorations. I was always very intimidated by royal icing (quite rightly :-)) but after Paul has shown you and walked you through it, it becomes so much easier to work with.” – Julie Walker

5* – “Absolutely amazing module, definitely worth taking and learning new skills along the way. I’ve never made cake pops or used royal icing before and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole module.” – Jacqui Davies

5* – “The cookie part of the module was particularly difficult for me, I have never done it before, so wasn’t surprised when I failed the first submitted assignment, I was actually happy to fail a second time as I think by the third attempt I had started to get a hang of what I was doing, and I am sure with practise I will get better. Thanks for your feedback and support in getting through it.” – Julie Walker

5* – “I enjoyed doing them all royal icing isn’t something I do everyday and like everything else practice makes perfect But the cake pops and cupcake units were great.” – Karen Ash

5* – “I learned a lot in this module especially with the cookies and royal icing. It is a great Module, a lot of fun and Pauls teaching is very clear.” – Ann Hately

4* – “Not as easy as you think !! I thought it would be a breeze as it’s just everyday bakes, but you really learn how to get that professional finish and this assignment pushes your bakes to the next level giving them the wow factor. Really enjoyed it.” – Rashmi Selli

5* – “The Cookie module was very challenging and it took a lot of practising. But never give up and you will get the perfect cookie results.” – Evi Carroll

5* – “I learned a lot as I had not ever covered cupcakes in fondant and decorated them with fondant. The greatest majority of my clients always want buttercream, even on cakes. I needed the practice as well with cookies and royal icing. Cake pops are always dreaded, mostly the time involved and no one ever wants to pay what the time is worth. Usually I offer them in cute little cupcake liners, more as truffles if the are for adults. Way faster to make, look pretty, and adults seem to like the idea.” – Mellonie Patcheak

5* – “Make sure you have everything ready first, It’s quite a quick module.” – Tiffany Perry

5* –  “I’ve not done cookies before and struggled with the royal icing , but I’m learning, going from very slow to slow, slow, slow. Never mind,  I’ll soon be as fast as you Paul?.” – Catherine Shaw

5* – “Definitely go for it! Everything was great.” – Irena Naujokaite

5* – “It was a real challenge with all of these, as I had never done any of them before. Be strong and don’t give up, you will get there soon enough.” – Margaret Lupo

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What CakeFlix Business Boot Camp Learners Have to Say…

“I don’t have a business yet, but want to start one in the near future. Boot Camp helped me to understand better different aspects of a business. It also gave me the tools for changing my mindset and encouraged me to believe in myself. I would change the name in “Boost Camp”. – Sandra Zuncheddu

“Taking this course has set me on a new path both personally and professionally. The knowledge gained has been invaluable and is a resource that can be referred back to when required.” – Sandra – Sweet Celebrations

“David has clearly put in a lot of time and research into providing a business focused boot camp that is inclusive for both existing and new cake business entrepreneurs. It was made accessible to me as it’s part of my Pro membership, which I also thoroughly recommend anyone who loves this industry to join. His knowledge is invaluable and it’s so clear both he and Paul thoroughly enjoy and have the tools to take cake makers and business owners to their next level!” – Cheryl Spencer Flavour & Flair Designer Cakes

“Boot Camp was a real call to action. It provided me with the tools, information and most importantly the confidence to make the leap from hobby baker to small business owner on my own terms.” – Rachel Bishop Inclusively Cake

“It’s been positive giving me a kick to motivate myself again and it inspired me to do more while the mojo was lost.” – Nichola Meaney, Class in Cakes

“It’s been great, highlighted a few areas I had neglected due to Covid. Mojo, health. It’s given me the lift I needed to move forward. The old classic of if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. Boot Camp has broken that cycle.” – Jan Foster Cake Chimp


“I did this course to get me to focus on if I wanted to revamp and continue my cake business or not. Because of illness for over a year and then the pandemic, my business is at rock bottom. It took me to the last class to realise this is really what I want to do. So now I am going over everything again in more detail, new name, colours everything so could be a while.

Pricing was my favourite lesson. My family just laughed when I told them about the class. (what have we been telling you for years). My daughter, who wanted to practice her book keeping, helped me go through everything.

The guide with the 3 different prices is the best thing since slice bread.

With everything going on I have had no orders. Two days after the last class,  I got 8 orders in the one day, don’t know how that came about.  I had my price chart ready, but I felt a bit sick as I pressed send to the first customer. They all came back with positively and some even said, if you need to go up to the next price point that would be ok. It feels so good not to be worrying about my prices anymore. Thank you both so much.” Bernadette Dunne

“I followed all the bootcamp throughout the weeks and I’ve applied much of it to my business…my profits have increased substantially. This is down to you and the confidence you installed in me.  Tell Paul I had first wedding cake consultation last night after bootcamp, cake fully organised, booked in and deposit paid via bank transfer in under 45 mins!!!”Mandy Black

“Amazing!! It’s given me the courage to face some things that I was very nervous about. It’s also given me some great ideas and confirmed what is working well and what isn’t. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a Boot Camp 2 (hint hint, wink wink).” – Julie Bosworth Whimsical Characters

“Opened my eyes to its more than just making and selling cakes, realising your worth, how to make yourself stand out and the checks and balancing needed.” – Kate Weppner, Kate for Cakes

“Boot Camp gave me a structure and a focus to really get down on paper everything that I had in my head as to how I want to run my business and the steps I need to take to make it a success. The knowledge and expertise given to you on this course is absolutely invaluable and I will benefit anyone either starting out or needing a bit of focus and support.” – Julie Walker, Cakes by the Sea

“It has really helped me to focus on what I actually want from my business, not what I think I “should” want. It has also reminded me that I’m part of an industry sector and it’s not just me! It has been wonderful to feel I have someone to guide and advise me who has real knowledge of the cake world. Plus the group support of the other people on the course has been lovely too.” – Catherine Heap

“The changes I have made so far I feel have already made a difference. I am now advertising that I am both an award winning cake artist and listed on Three Best Rated, with confidence and belief.” – Deborah Edwards – Deborah’s Cakes and Sugarcraft

“Boot camp is a brilliant way to get you to focus on the other side of the business and not just baking cakes. It also gets you to understand more about pricing your time correctly so you do make a profit would recommend any one that really wants to succeed in the cake business world to take this course. You won’t regret it.” – Viv Green of Viv’s Vision Cakes

“Listen , engage, follow through all the points – even if at your own pace – because not only are you worth it, but these guys are tremendous.”? – Amazing Creations Scotland


“Boot Camp was a reality check and wake up call for me. I knew most things

, but never really bothered trying hard enough to be really successful and do things properly. I will still need to work with myself, motivation, confidence etc, but now I feel that I really can do and have the proper tools to succeed. Absolutely enjoyed the Boot Camp and I believe it will eventually lead to thriving business in the future.” – Ingrida Samoskiene Indigo Sweet Cake Studio

“Boot Camp helped towards moving me out of my comfort zone and inspired me to make improvements to re-launch my business. It has been helping to build my self- confidence. Two quotes that have resonated are, ‘Excellence over Perfection’ and ‘I Can /’t’.  I’m very pleased to have been a part of this course and really appreciate the time and dedication David and Paul have given in sharing their knowledge and expertise.” – Deane-Mae Baker – Deane-Mae Bakes

“I thoroughly recommend the boot camp; David and Paul’s experience has helped to create a course that provides a clear path to running a successful business.” – Wolf River Bakery

“Boot Camp has really inspired me to start my business. I have really enjoyed the course and learnt so much. I don’t think I would be brave enough if I hadn’t taken part.” – Teresa Grist

“I really believe that the Boot Camp will make a huge impact on how I set up my business when I finally get ready to launch.” – Vikki Schofield – Auntie Vikki’s Cakes

“Boot Camp gave me a focus to dedicate the time to learn about the things that are very important to my business and that I wasn’t very good at dealing with.” – Andrea Babcock Everyone’s Favourite Cakes & Bakes

“Boot Camp inspired me to finding a bigger premises and shown me how you need to have a strong business plan in place in order to keep you organised and efficient in managing your own company.” – Karen Ash Karen’s Cake Studio

“Boot Camp has given me the tools and knowledge to take my cake business to the next level. It is presented in a format that is easy to follow and understand. David and Paul provide a platform anyone can fit into their busy schedule. I struggled with business planning until I took this course. We were also privileged to have a very beneficial class by Chef Nicholas Lodge. I highly recommend Boot Camp to anyone who wants to improve their cake business knowledge.” – Debbie Matthews Seaside Cakes


“Boot Camp has made me cement my ideas, and has made me think properly about what direction I want my business to go. It has given me the confidence I need to know that I can turn my ideas into reality.” – Fiona McKillop, The Cake Kitchen

“I now understand the core of my business much better, where to focus time and energy to enable efficiencies and growth, how to value and promote my product – I’m excited to apply these new strategies to my daily working.” – Dawn Hannemann, Hunni Bakes

“Even though I have a hard time understanding the language, the commitment and well-directed instructions make sense. It is not making and selling cakes, it is understanding sales from the self as a decorator and the knowledge of how to carry out a business in every sense of the word. I feel with knowledge and a sense of competitiveness I belonged and was worth as a businesswoman. I learned a lot . Thanks you so much.” – Milagro Chinchilla – The Duchess Artisan Pastry

“I have been relooking at my name/branding and prices, been given determination to conquer spreadsheets so that together I can calculate my earning potential and complete a business plan for my future (hopefully in F

rance!) AND you gave me the confidence to quote and book my very first wedding!!! Thank you so much.” – Rachel Summerfield, Cake Designs by Rachel

“I can organise my time more efficiently, have been able to take on more orders, have had many more referrals and mentions on social media and have confidence in my skills, to see my worth and promote myself more.” – Gina Rickaby Great Cakes

“Before I participated in Bootcamp I was utterly clueless about all aspects of business, I still have a huge amount to learn but Boot Camp has been a great start and also to discover the wealth of information in the Cakeflix Pro-Membership.” – Valerie Trimble, Valerie`s Cakes

“The sessions were informative, practical and provided a stretch for growth. I now feel more confident in my business as I have knowledge I can implement to direct my success! I am a “10” on my determination, where that was not my number coming in to this. I am so grateful, and cannot wait to share my success with you both from the growth I have received from this knowledge.” – E. DeLayne Grimes-Elebee Cake Dazzle, USA (Georgia)

“Right now I am super excited to put everything I have learnt into practice and watch my business grow with a clear plan for its future.” – Fiona Parker, Say it with Cakes

“The main impact for me is the confidence I have gained and th

e setting of goals to make a difference in the direction I want to take.” – Kerry Hurst, Cakes by Kerry

“I’ve been in the industry for 20 years but always played small and it gave me the opportunity to start over and the kick up the bum to get things moving.” – Leigh bray

“I’m so motivated to get things done now, aiming for excellence of course, and not perfection. This is something I say on the daily basis now, and it has made such a difference to my day.” – Andrea Babcock Everyone’s Favourite Cakes & Bakes


“The course has provided major food for thought and introduced new thinking in how my business will operate. I’ve several things I want to be able to do, this course has shed light on the path required to achieve these things.” – Sheryl Thomas, Skye High Cake Designs

“I really have appreciated your time and effort in putting this together. Although I haven’t a complete business plan it is on the way, which will help to achieve my goal.” – Amanda Ganslandt

“Through the Boot Camp I got loads of information about starting a cake

business the right way and what it means to have a cake business. Not only information on practical things were discussed, you also had to think about your own mindset. Therefore, with each lesson I got food for thought because having a business is not only about numbers it is also about your mental wellbeing.” – Roxane Lubbers

“The impact has been that I have changed direction back to what I originally was going to do. Afternoon teas with small cakes. I have been collecting for years all my equipment and that will be my springboard into occasion and novelty cakes. I now know how to put a business plan together and feel confident in running a successful business. Fantastic!” – Sharon Joy cakes crafted with love (brand in development)

“I now understand the value of a business plan and getting the costing correct.” – Devitt’s Food Company Ltd

“Boot camp went beyond explaining the business processes to proving the tools and resources so I could implement my learning into action.” – Natasha – Baketopia

“Boot Camp has made me apply value to what I have been wanting to do for a while. It has helped me bring into focus all the plans floating around in my brain. It has given me direction and drive to make my business a reality.” – Mo Sutton – Fondant Mo’ments

“It has made me rethink things, sit down and talk things through. I have rebranded, planned for 1st April . A new very simple website as I don’t get much from it, all Instagram orders. Pricing I am ok with , have used Cake boss for years , everything is priced out , wonderful website (for me) but did tweaked it a bit. Mostly it was the small things I learnt . I feel that I was not so far from your ideal but felt energised that I completed it.” – Jeannette Akhtar The Cake Creators (of Sheffield )

“Well, Cake was my hobby. I made and sold some cakes while I had my job. Now since I left work, I will use your expertise when establishing my business. I am still studying all related issues and your course gave insight on things I did not think I needed to look into.” – Nadia Zaroubi Nadiaz Cakes


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