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Getting Started

We have  over 100000 cake decorating video lessons available for you to watch 24/7 online from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

You join as a member for either £9.95/$16 per month (you can cancel anytime) or you can save money with an annual membership.

We also have an Individual Purchase option, which allows you to purchase tutorials individually and have access to them for life!

As long as you are a member you will have access to all of our courses, we release one full and new course each week (sometimes a series of cupcakes and sometimes a five tier wedding cake!). We have courses from beginner to advanced through a range of different styles, from 3D teddy bear cakes to beautiful chocolate wrap cakes.

If you have a question about a recipe, perhaps a tool you might need to complete a course or you even just want an opinion on the best methods to use. We suggest popping over to our Q&A section of the site where like minded members will share their views and opinions and usually help you get the answers you want.

You can visit the Q&A by clicking here, as silly as the question might seem this may also go on to help members in the future that have the same enquiry.

Absolutely! You can browse our entire library and check out a preview video and some images of each finished cake. We never remove any content from the site, except to upgrade it, so you will always be able to come back to view a course as many times as you want or browse our entire course history, 24/7. Currently, we have a library of over 300 complete courses that range from beginner to advanced.

Absolutely! We’re extremely conscious here at the School of making sure that every single one of our members are catered for. We release one course per week and every one of those courses varies in style, skill level and the time it takes to recreate. We’ve been going for a while now, so we have a huge backlog of courses from beginner to advanced ranging from cupcakes and sugar models through to five tier wedding cakes that retail for £££’s and of course, everything in between.

Paul’s teaching style has seen him become a hugely popular tutor in the cake decorating world. Why? Because he makes every detail in every lesson accessible and easy to follow. Even in our most advanced courses, Paul starts from the very basic part of the cake and we follow him right through to the final product, everything is filmed when we create a new course and we don’t remove any part of the footage, even when Paul or a guest makes a mistake as you will learn more by watch them fix their mistake rather than have us edit it out.

At least one new course is added each week and as a member, you will have complete access to it. We are constantly looking to expand the library with courses, blog posts, tips and tricks from guest tutors as well as Paul Bradford.


Membership Support

We try to make everything on the site as hassle free as possible. You can upgrade your account by clicking here or by clicking on any of the ‘Upgrade Now’ buttons throughout the site, such as the one on the home page.

If you have forgotten your password for the site, simply click on the ‘forgot password’ link and fill in your email address (the one used when signing up to the site) to be sent a new password. Always check in spam for [email protected] before getting in touch.

If you have forgotten your username or are facing other difficulties, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

You can manage your account and cancel your payment renewal, by clicking on the Premium or Pro membership icon at the top right of the screen, when signed into your account.

Then click on My Subscription and you can make any changes, including cancelling your payments, in there. NOTE: That when your account shows ‘Pending Cancellation’ that means that your payment profile has been cancelled, but you continue to have access to all the content until the anniversary of your renewal. That’s why Pending Cancellation is shown if you check before the anniversary of the payment.

We accept payments from most major card companies and of course PayPal so signing up for a membership is easier than ever!

If we have a payment method missing and you would like to pay using other means, get in touch to arrange an invoice, we’ll be happy to help.

Certainly! Ensure you’re signed into the site, then click on the ‘PREMIUM’ or ‘PRO’ menu option at the top right of the screen. Then select ‘MY SUBSCRIPTION’ then select ‘VIEW’ the active subscription then select ‘CHANGE PAYMENT DETAILS’.  If changing from paying via Paypal to a payment card then we’ll need to help you through so please Contact Support.

If you have just paid for your membership and after logging in can’t seem to access any courses, there are a couple of scenarios below where this can happen:

  • When signing up did you create a new account? In some cases members create a new account upon signup, make sure you’re logging into the new account that you’ve created and not an older free account that might be associated with your email address. If you’re stuck and not sure what you’re username is get in touch and we’ll resolve the problem quickly.
  • In some rare cases a payment will initially go through and subsequently fail validation with our payment gateway, in these rare situations you may even receive a confirmation email stating your payment was successful, in this situation you have not been charged but of course get in touch so we can find an alternate means of payment to offer.

If you find yourself without access but are confident that payment was successful, let us know by clicking here to email us and we will work hard to resolve the problem.

To check the terms and conditions of all of our subscriptions, click here.

If you’d like to take a look at what the school has to offer, head on over to the free courses section to access over 100 great free courses to get you started in the world of sugarcraft or just to brush up on your skills.

We also have a Cakeflix Youtube Channel that has tons of free content that you can check out

You can sign up to CakeFlix with either a monthly subscription of £9.95/month or a discounted annual subscription of £7.42/month (£89 paid annually) or for our Professionals we have our Pro membership  which includes everything you need to know to be successful in the cake decorating business. Our Pro members also benefit from a monthly live Q&A with Paul and David. there own monthly business related course and access to a very lively Pro Members Private Facebook Group.


We do not currently allow downloading of our video courses from the site, as long as you are a paid member (or free member for free courses) you will have access to the videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when signed into our site.

If you have signed up to a monthly or annual membership and are no longer able to view the courses, it may mean your Paypal payment has failed and your account has changed to that of a free member. You can rejoin us at any time by reinstating your membership through the site.

If you have checked your payment status in Paypal and you should still have full access to the site, please get in touch with your username and the email address you use for Paypal and we will take a look for you.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with the team and we’ll see what we can do.

If you have any issues at all with video playback, we would firstly suggest you try the following :

If you have a slow internet connection then you may experience difficulty in viewing the courses. Try pausing the video for a few minutes to allow it to ‘buffer’. To check if your internet connection is slower than it should be, click here.

You can also try right clicking on the video and selecting ‘224p‘ this will lower the video quality making playback smoother on slower connections / computers.

Remember if you’re on a slower connection or shared connection, activity on other connected devices (including games consoles and smartphones) can slow your connection down and can sometimes cause video playback to suffer.

If that doesn´t help then try the following:

  • Clearing the history/cache in your preferred browser. Does this improve playback? If not…
  • Try switching to a different browser altogether.
  • This last one’s not always easy, but can prove very useful. If possible, try watching the videos on a different network, like on a mobile device connected to a cellular network. Any major differences?

If you are still having difficulties with video playback, please get in touch with our technical support and we will get you back up and running.

Individual Purchase Support

Individual Purchase allows non-Premium or Pro members to buy individual tutorials, which they will have access to forever. Once purchased they will sit in the Membership profile under My Courses. If you have any questions please Submit a request

Once purchased they will site in the Membership profile under My Courses. If you have any questions please Submit a request

Once bought you will have access to these tutorials forever. All you´ll need is your username and password to access them, but if you have any questions please Submit a request

To check the terms and conditions of our site and Individual Purchase tutorials please click here.

Attended Courses

Paul Bradford Courses

Yes! We run a few attended courses throughout the year, taught directly by Paul Bradford.  Paul runs a variety of courses catering for everyone from beginner to advanced and at many different locations. Take a look at our Attended Courses page for some more information on the school and the courses we offer.

We have loads of different courses, from 1 day to a full week of intensive training and even Train the Trainer courses that will empower you to design and create your own cakes in your own style. Head on over to our Attended Courses page to see the courses we have on offer at the moment.

We put new courses on all the time but due to Paul´s ever increasing workload there aren’t as many as we’d like, and based on the popularity on these courses, there aren’t as many as you’d like either! So, if there’s not a course on around the dates that you’re looking for, then get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. Paul also offers one to one training that can be tailored specifically to you and your needs. Be quick though, our Attended Courses sell out super fast!


If you are looking for information or FAQs on the CakeFlix Master accredited training Programme CLICK HERE.

Further Help

All cake and baking related questions should first be posted on the Q&A Page where our members are all happy to help one another out. This page is monitored so you should get a reply within 24hrs.

If your question relates to a specific tutorial then please add the question below the tutorial and the tutor will be contacted. Posting the question and reply here will future viewers.

Technical and membership related questions should go to our technical team via the contact form.


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