Cake Decorating Course

Introduction to Cake Decorating

Welcome to the CakeFlix world of cake decorating, where creativity meets confectionery! Cake decorating is not just an activity; it’s an art form that brings joy and adds a personal touch to every celebration. Whether you’re looking to refine your hobby or embark on a new, sweet adventure, our Cake Decorating Course list is your gateway to mastering this skill. Transform your enthusiasm into expertise and let your imagination take the shape of delectable designs with us.

Learn from over 100 of the World’s top cake artists?

With over 100 top cake artists, at CakeFlix every aspects of cake decorating is covered. Whether its beginner or advanced, cookies or wedding cakes, we have it covered and everything in between. With such a wealth of talent to learn from and support 365 days a year, your cake journey is on the right track.

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Product Overview

Our comprehensive CakeFlix Cake Decorating Course PREMIUM & PRO memberships are meticulously designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

Don’t know where to start? Check out our guide below:

Could you improve your Baking skills?

We have a large choice of flavours to choose from, take your pick from the selection below and get top professional help and support allowing you to create that perfect bake. [Click the image below to take you to our full selection of PREMIUM membership Baking tutorials]

Baking tutorials

Are you just getting started?

We know that it can be daunting if you don’t know where to start, so to get started we have a great selection of FREE tutorials to help get you started. [Click the image below to take you to our full selection of FREE starter tutorials]

Basic cake skills

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Basics of Icing: Understand the different types of icing and their uses, from buttercream to royal icing.
Fondant Techniques: Learn to roll, colour, and shape fondant for stunning cake covers and decorations.
Piping Skills: Master the art of piping, creating everything from simple borders to intricate lace patterns.
Tiered Cake Assembly: Discover the secrets of stacking and supporting multi-layered cakes.
Themed Decorations: Explore various themes and styles, from classic to contemporary designs.

Beginning your cake decorating Journey?

Here are some cake tutorials for those starting on their cake journey. Its a great way of getting used to learning through online tutorials, and just remember that you have support 365 days a year. [Click the image below to take you to our full selection of PREMIUM membership Starter cake tutorials]

Easy cakes

Looking for more Intermediate level designs?

Looking to expand your repertoire and improve the WOW Factor of your cakes, then check out a small selection of the huge range available on CakeFlix below.

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Intermediate Cakes

Looking for really go for it with Advanced designs?

There are a large number of advanced cake designs on CakeFlix from some of the top cake artists around the world. Here are just a small selection to whet your appetite.

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Advanced cakes

Looking to make Profit from Cake Decorating?

Making beautiful cakes from a craft that you are good at is hugely emotionally rewarding. However, how do you turn that skill into profit? So many amazing cake artists don’t make any money. Why? Because they haven’t stopped to learn the key business principles that you need to know in order to make profit.

CakeFlix have put together 8 business professionals with a huge number of years experience to help you on your journey, but to get started we hugely advise you to start with the Business Boot Camp. This a an 8 lesson course, which has all the basics that you need to get you and your business in the best position to make profit.

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Boot Camp

Why choose CakeFlix over other online cake tutorials?

  • CakeFlix offer support 365 days a year, whether its a cake, website or membership question you’ll never wait more than 24 hours for a reply.
  • CakeFlix community is known throughout the industry as caring, supportive place to learn and make cake-friends.
  • 6 Times Best Learning Experience Winners at the Cake Masters awards, they have shown great pedigree.
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