Cake Calculators

Your life just got a whole lot easier with CakeFlix Cake Calculators…

Fed up of having to do tricky calculations to make sure you’ve got your ingredients just right? Or finding that you’ve made far too much ganache… or worse, not enough? Worry not – our cake calculators are here to take the stress out of your decorating day.

When our members told us an online cake calculator would be super handy – we made four! We even have a couple more in the pipeline. With the exception of the Portion Calculator all have been put together using the data provided by our super-user madeitwithlove.

We hope you love them as much as we do. Let us know what you think via the contact us page or if you have an idea for any other calculators, hey, even better!

Recipe Re-calculator

Have you found a recipe online that you’d love to make but it’s the wrong size? Use this simple calculator to change the size and shape of the cake. Simply input the original recipe’s ingredients, then choose the size and shape you want and you have a brand new portioned recipe.

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Ganache Calculator

Not sure how much ganache you’ll need? This calculator gets rid of the guesswork. Choose your cake size, shape and how many filled layers you’d like and it does the calculation for you. You can even select whether you’d like milk, white or dark chocolate ganache.

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Portion Calculator

So you know the size and shape of your cake, but how many portions does that provide? Find out with our Portion Calculator – hurrah!

Note: It is entirely up to you the depth of each portion. If you have a 5″+ deep cake then you can split through the middle to double your portions.

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Sugarpaste Calculator

Our Sugarpaste Calculator – or fondant for our lovely North Americans readers –  takes the guesswork out of how much sugarpaste you’re going to need for your next cake. Simply enter the details such as shape, width, depth and how thick you’d like your sugarpaste (fondant!) and we’ll calculate exactly how much you’ll need.

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Buttercream Calculator

How much buttercream do you need when covering a cake?  Our Buttercream calculator allows you to choose your cake size, shape and how many filled layers you’d like and it does the calculation for you. Think of the time and waste that you will save!

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Calculators created by data provided by our super user madeitwithlove and husband Howard.

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