5 super sweet tutorials to sharpen your sugar modelling skills

Sugar modelling is big news right now in cake world. As Paul discovered, when he visited Cake International this year. If you’d like to brush up on your sugar modelling technique – look no further. We’ve rounded up five tutorials to kick start your sugar modelling skills.

Let’s start at the beginning

Basic Sugarpaste Skills tutorial

Learn how to perfect the basic building blocks of sugar modelling – a ball, a cone and a sausage. You’ll also learn how to mix two sugarpastes together to create the exact colour you want. This tutorial is included in our free beginners lessons, so anyone can give it a go.


Basic Flowers tutorial

This seven-part tutorial is ideal for beginners who want to get to grips with sugar modelling. The tutorial’s free too, so you don’t need a subscription to watch it. Learn the basics of sugar flower modelling from Paul, including creating petals, putting the flower together, dusting and fixing the flowers to a cake.

Step up your sugar modelling game

Once you’ve nailed the basics, it’s time to move on to the next level.


The Sunflower and Rainbow Cake tutorial

This sunflower cake is a good starting point for building on the sugar modelling skills you’ve already learned. In addition to crafting the petals of the flower, you’ll also use techniques to create a smiling face on the sunflower and a wee companion – in the form of a cute little snail!


The High Flying Friend tutorial

Paul’s High Flying Friend tutorial combines the gravity defying trend and sugar modelling. This is a good sugar modelling tutorial for intermediates who want to brush up on their existing skills. You’ll make the glider pilot and the two little canine companions that peer over his shoulders. It’s a great chance to work on creating expressive faces.


Italian Fairies tutorial

Once you’re feeling confident, it’s time to let those sugar modelling skills shine. The Italian Fairies tutorial is brought to you by Barbara Regini and will help you hone your skills in creating adorable cartoon-like characters. With these two little fairy friends you’ll make your best cake toppers yet!

What’s your favourite sugar modelling tutorial?

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