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Are your customers keen on cake decorating ?

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Then this is a superb opportunity for you to earn great commission for very little effort, working with a reputable and growing brand within the industry.

CakeFlix is one of the most successful online resources for cake decorating tutorials. To enable you to join in and take part in our growing success, if you have a web site or blog that attracts a significant amount of traffic, then a great way for you to earn extra money is to join the Affiliate Program and receive commission.

By joining our Affiliate Program you can earn commission by sending customers to our site. It’s simple to do and it’s completely free. We use software designed specifically for affiliates, but don’t worry, you don’t need to be tech-savvy at all. For more information about our Affiliate Program and how it works, check out our FAQs below. If you want to get going straight away, getting started with us is easy:

  • Contact us to get your account set up
  • Send customers to our site
  • Earn commission from sales
  • Put your feet up…

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need to do, is get in touch by CLICKING HERE. Then, we’ll review your application and get back to you within 72hrs with your account details. All that’s left to do, is link to us and we’re in business!

We want to build our community, which is why we’re offering amazing commissions from all qualified sales that come via the affiliate link you’ll be given. What do we mean by qualified? Well, our affiliate software has the final say – it’s an independent piece of software that both parties can view at any time allowing for complete transparency and peace of mind.

How does it work?

After we’ve approved your application, we’ll send you a link that you can use to send customers to our site. The links contain a special tracking code, which is linked to our Affiliate software and when customers click on that link and purchase from our site, we will be able to track this and you will earn your commission.

What are the commission rates?

30% on individual purchase tutorials for all tutorials you sell, If you happen to be a guest tutor and sell your own tutorial then you receive a whopping 50% commission. For any Memberships you sell you´ll get 30% of the initial membership fee so worth promoting our Annual memberships and especially at a sale.

How much can I expect to make?

We all live in the real world and we know that no-one can make money for nothing. If you want to make some serious money as an affiliate then you will need to promote your link. There is no cap on the amount you can earn, meaning, whether your link achieves one sale or 10,000 sales, you will receive commission for each of those sales.

We’ve worked with affiliates in the past that have hit gold on the first link they’ve put up and we’ve also seen the reverse, where it takes a lot of promotion to the right people – basically, you will get out of this what you put in. That sounds a bit scary, but we want to be honest. The other thing is, we are always here to help with ad examples, banners, promotion ideas – we could even work with you on a special blog post for your site.

We want this to work for you as much as we want it to work for us.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with us, by CLICKING HERE. We individually review all applications within 72hrs of submission. Once we’ve reviewed your application and it is approved, we’ll send you a quick e-mail with instructions on what you need to do to get going.

How do I get more information?

We’ve created a handy FAQs section below, for your reference.

If you have some further questions that aren’t answered in the FAQs, get in touch. We’re more than happy to help!

Can I have a bit of background about the School and Paul?

What is an affiliate program? How does it work?

Who can participate?

Does it cost anything to participate?

How are sales tracked from my site?

What is a sale?

When do I get paid?

I’ve got my link, what do I do now?

Is there anything else I need to know?

I need to contact you about the affiliate program.

So, how do I get going?

Can I have a bit of background about Paul and CakeFlix?

Paul Bradford is a well-known cake decorator who specialises in creating designer cakes with the WOW factor which can be produced quickly, making them commercially viable. While Paul runs a number of courses in Scotland and overseas, it’s the online courses where his attention is now fully focused. Paul has made cakes for the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince Albert of Monaco as well as a list of celebrities but it’s through his online presence that he is fast gaining celebrity designer status in cake decorating circles throughout the world.

We currently have well over 900 courses online, which equates to well over 1k hours of tuition from Paul and top artists from around the world. We have created a huge cake decorating resource and add a new course every week and never remove any from the site, ensuring that there is always new content which in turn, ensures consistent growth of the library.

What is an affiliate program? How does it work?

An affiliate program is a way for us to share our revenue in exchange for you advertising our online tutorials and it works so well, because everyone wins. The affiliate (that could be you!) sends traffic to our website and in return, we give you a commission of all revenue gained from those visits. Pretty good, eh?

We use professional third party affiliate software, which is used by thousands of companies running similar affiliate campaigns. We use this software because it tells both parties (that’s you and us!) exactly how it’s going. It’ll show us total hits, unique hits and of course, sales made. You can check how your links are doing at any point throughout the month (which gives you the opportunity to optimise your campaign) and you’ll know exactly how much to expect at the end of the month.

Once we approve your application, we’ll send you your link, some banner ads, and our sales speak so all you really have to do, is promote that link! Of course, you’ll get out of this what you put in, so the more you advertise, the more you’ll make.

Who can participate?

We’re proud of the community we’ve created here at the school and while we welcome everyone to apply, we really want to work with brands that are like minded with both our industry and our ethos. We work with lots of different companies at the moment, so whether you run a small Facebook page or the biggest site on the internet, get in touch – if our companies fit together, we’ll work together.

If we decide you’re not right for us at the moment, please don’t be dis-heartened. We’ll let you know exactly why we think that is and we’ll give you some guidance on how to get up and running with our Affiliate Program in the future.

Does it cost anything to participate?

The only cost to you will be your time. If you continue to promote your links, you will continue to make money.

How are sales tracked from my site?

Once your application is accepted, you will be sent your first link and some guidance on how best to promote it. Our links contains tracking code for your site which will be unique to you. These links will ensure all your referrals will be associated with you.

We maintain a 30 day cookie. A cookie lets us associate a sale to you for 30 days from the date at which you sent that user to our site.

In addition to the way in which we track your sales, we recommend that you set up your analytics in a way that lets you track how many clicks your link gets through software that only you have access to, as we want you to feel 100% confident in our software. Get in touch via [email protected] if you don’t know how to do this and we’ll send you some instructions.

What is a sale?

A sale is the price the customer pays less any admissible sales tax. For UK and EU sales there’s VAT to deduct, which is money paid directly out to the tax man. Therefore, net sales to be considered for commission are the selling price minus sales tax.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid commissions monthly so long as the balance payable is £50 or higher otherwise the balance will carry forward.

The good thing is, you can check the affiliate software yourself and get the exact data we use to pay you. We do this for one simple reason, to give you, our partner, complete transparency and peace of mind.

I’ve got my link, what do I do now?

Promote it! There are a lot of links on the internet and to make some real money, you have to get your link seen by the most people possible.

If you’re struggling to come up with a way of getting people to click that link then get in touch, we don’t bite! If we’ve accepted your application it means we are confident that working with you will be profitable, for both parties. So, if there’s something we can help with, let us know. We have plenty of banner ads and copy for text ads that you can use!

We’ll regularly update our banners and text ads so that you can see what we think will work the best. Of course, if you think you have a better way of promoting it then go for it…and let us know!

Is there anything else I need to know?

One of the main reasons we want to work with like-minded companies is the added benefits the connection between our brands can have. Don’t forget, we have a huge community of cake decorators here at the School, so we would welcome your thoughts on how to make the most out of our partnership.

We’re working with our current affiliate partners on much more than just our Affiliate Program. We are creating exclusive blog posts for our partners, pushing them on our YouTube channel, promoting magazine subscriptions and much, much more.

Our team have been chosen for their passion and knowledge for online marketing and video production. Between us, we have over 20 years’ experience in the cake decorating industry, over 10 years of online marketing, web design and video production and we also have customer service experts that are ready and willing to help with any questions that both you and our members may have.

There’s been a significant growth in online viewing and online learning in recent years. The model is now far easier to explain as it works in exactly the same way as other subscription based services, like Netflix, whereby members subscribe and watch videos as many times as they like for as long as they are members. In the US for example, online viewing grew by 25% two years ago, 45% last year and it is set to rocket for 2015 and beyond.

I need to contact you about the Affiliate Program.

That’s fine! As we mention above, we have great people working at the School that are only too happy to help you out. Just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you asap – [email protected]

So, how do I get going?

Get in touch with us, by CLICKING HERE. We individually review all applications within 72hrs of submission. Once we’ve reviewed your application and it is approved, we’ll send you a quick e-mail with instructions on what you need to do to get going.

That’s it!

This is everything you need to know to become a successful partner of CakeFlix. Remember, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, ideas or dilemmas!
We’re looking forward to working with you!

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