Fairy House Cake Tutorial – Free cake tutorial

1Cut out your birdhouse pieces using your FMM cutter (not pictured) then use the smallest arch cutter to cut out 2 windows, I cut them out at angles instead of straight
2Cover your cake board with green sugarpaste, I mix Sugarflair Party Green with a touch of Melon to get a lovely bright green, I use the fur texture mat to give my board a grass effect
3Turn your birdhouse piece with the windows over, roll small little sausage shapes and make some bars to go in the windows, glue into place and leave to dry
4Assemble your birdhouse. I leave my pieces to dry for about 8 hours, so they aren’t too dry, use sugar glue to attach the pieces together on a base. When I have attached all the pieces and they are dried in place I used a sharp knife to trim off the excess base so the base can’t be seen overlapping the edges
5Using your smallest arch again, cut out 2 arches from some blue paste for the shutters on the house
6Use a craft knife to mark little ‘slats’ on your shutters
7Cut the shutters in half and glue in place on the house
8Cut out a door using your medium arch cutter
9Use a longer knife to mark long wood pieces on the door, attach the door and add a little sugar pearl for the door handle
10Get your smallest heart plunger cutter and press it in to the door to cut out a little heart, take the heart out of the door
11Cut another heart from some dark pink paste
12Lift the heart in the cutter and press the heart out directly on to the door so it fits just right in place
13Use the smallest arch to cut out some roof tiles in different shades of green, I used 3 different shades  Shereen says “Leave your modelling paste to dry slightly, for a sharper cut”
14Start gluing the tiles in place, you will need to cut 1 in half and use half on the end of a row and then start the next row with the other half to get it even
15When you have done both sides of the roof, roll a thin sausage from green paste and glue it in place in the join in the middle of the peak of the roof
16Roll out some ovals and balls from white paste for stepping stones
17Press the balls and ovals flatter
18Glue the house to your cake and add the stepping stones to your cake in front of the door
19Roll out some green modelling paste, leave to dry for about 4-5 minutes. Use your grass cutter (large or small) to cut into the paste, press firmly and wriggle it slightly to get a clean cut.
20Hold the paste down above the cutter and hold the cutter between thumb and forefinger and pull up towards yourself in 1 quick motion to get the perfect cut.
21Cut piece of grass and leave the other part of the green paste to cut your next piece
22Use a fan paintbrush to ease the paste out of the grass cutter. I always trim a bit off the base so there isn’t too much space under the blades of grass.  Shereen says “Invest in a few different sized fan paint brushes, they work wonders for getting grass out of the cutter and letters out of all alphabet cutters and dusting little areas that are hard to get to with a normal brush”
23I place the grass face down on one of my small smoothers and paint along the base with glue
24Lift the grass on the smoother and ease the grass on to the side of the house and glue into place
25Use a sharp tool to get the grass stuck along the base, I used the back of the sharp end of my leaf shaping tool
26Use the same tool to bend little blades of grass too to give it ‘movement’
Shereen says “Gently does it, you don’t want to break the blades”
27Go back to your paste that you cut your grass out of and there is your next piece ready for you, just trim and add to the cake
28Roll out some brown paste and texture with your FMM woodgrain mat
29Cut out fence pieces using the fence cutter, I used the smaller post and crossbar cutter in the set
30Glue all the posts in place around your cake first
31Then add your cross bars, I add 2 and then 1 and then 2. I use a the pointed end of the bulbous tool to make little ‘nail’ marks where the bars fit on the posts
32Next you need to cut some toadstools. To get them nicely rounded, roll out your paste, get a piece of clingfilm and place the film over the paste. Cut out your toadstool bases through the film and set aside
33Cut out your toadstool tops too, from dark pink paste.  Shereen says “If you want a puffy, rounded toadstool or any other item like clouds, cover with a piece of cling film and cut through the cling film, you get a lovely rounded shape”
34Cut little gaps in the grass around the house and on the side of the cake so the toadstool bases sit between grass blades and flush against the house and cake
35Add the toadstool bases to your cake
36Add the tops of the toadstools to the bases
37To add bunting ‘strings’ roll out some thin sausage shapes from white paste, do different size drops, short and long.
38Cut out some arches for the bunting
39Glue the bunting and arches in place with edible glue
40Get your mini flower cutters and cut out a selection of coloured flowers, place them in a flower shaping mat and add little sugar pearls to the centres
Shereen says “Add flowers while still pliable to manipulate in place and less breakages”
41Cut out some mini butterflies too, I glued some sugar pearls along the middle of each butterfly
42Add the butterflies to the drying mat to dry in shape too
43Cut more grass and this time roll it up to create a little tuft of grass
44Trim the base of the tuft so it sits flush on your cake/board
45Add your tufts to the cake
46Add your flowers and butterflies to the cake
47To finish off the cake, get your Americolor white paste and add a dot of it to your hand or paint palette.  Shereen says “Use americolor white paste for dots on your toadstools, white dots on characters eyes/noses and little polka dots. Easy to add instead of rolling tiny white pieces of sugar paste”
48Get a small ball tool to dip in to the paste and add the dots to your toadstools
49The finished Fairy House Cake!
Sugarflair paste colours – Party Green mixed with Melon for the green, Chestnut mixed with Dark Brown for fence & door, Ice Blue and Daffodil Yellow
Wilton colours – Rose for all the pinks
Purple cupcakes bronze sugar pearls
Modelling paste
Ready iced 6” cake
Ready cut/dried birdhouse pieces
Cake Drum 8”
Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes Set of slightly pointed arch cutters
Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes Grass cutter
Marvellous mould fur texture mat
FMM Birdhouse Cutter
FMM woodgrain texture mat
Purple cupcakes bronze sugar pearls
Craft knife
Sharp knife
Small heart plunger cutter
Fan paintbrush
Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes Flexi Smoother set
Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes Fence Cutter Set
Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes toadstool cutter set
Small ball tool
Americolor white paste
Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes Mini flower cutter set
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