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Value for money…

Here at CakeFlix, we’re extremely proud to be the very first online school to offer a complete guide to learning how to decorate and create stunning cakes. Whether you are a beginner just starting out or a professional making a living from cake decorating, we have something for you. We have created this community to guide you from the very beginning and basics of cake decorating to being able to create stunning cakes that we guarantee will make people stop and stare. Best of all…it’s an incredibly FUN way to learn!

We’ve got over 250 courses in our library, each one of which has an average of 8 lessons and each lesson can range from 2 minutes to 30 minutes in length. Our latest courses have ranged anywhere from 20 minutes to over 2 and a half hours…and we release one of these courses every week of the year!

If you are looking at making a career for yourself in cake decorating, then take a look at our Pro Membership to learn how to make a profit from cake decorating. You will learn enough from our Pro membership to make your money back many times over… guaranteed.

You can also purchase a selection of our tutorials individually without the need for signing up for a membership, if there are specific cakes which you would like to make.

So, what’s the story?

We want to bring you the finest quality cake decorating tutorials you can watch anywhere, any time. At the same time, we are building the largest cake decorating community out there.

Following years of sell out classroom based courses, we knew that there were far more people who wanted to learn cake decorating than there were places on the courses. So the idea of bringing this to an online learning environment seemed like the next logical step. So that’s what we did, we heave created the most extensive library of online video tutorials for cake decorating…and it’s getting bigger every week!

What do I get?

Everything! Well, maybe not everything but you get a lot for your money. We have a few different membership options but if you are thinking of becoming a paid member, then you’ll get access to all of this…

New course every week…

Each week we will upload a new course which will vary in style, length and skill level. We mix up our courses so that we provide the biggest range of content for our members. We’re always interested to hear your ideas too!

Access to our entire library…

With all of our paid memberships, you’ll not only get access to the new courses but you’ll also get access to every single course we’ve ever uploaded to the site. We NEVER remove content, we only add and improve our library. Which means, the longer you’re a member, the better value your membership becomes! That’s pretty good!

Unlimited 24/7 Access…

You can access all of the cake decorating courses on from anywhere, any time and as many times as you like. This includes every new course and our current, entire library of courses – you can take a look at our library HERE.

No contract!

We know the worst thing about subscriptions is being tied into a contract, and we hate it…so we decided to get rid of contracts! You can cancel your membership at any time and your membership will stop immediately. We won’t ask any questions and we’ll respect your decision to leave.

Talk to the Pro’s…

We’re building a community here at CakeFlix, which means we have loads of members that know a lot about cake decorating. We know that sometimes even the very best cake decorators out there need some quick advice so we’ve created the Q&A section. Feel free to ask as many questions you might have and you’ll get an answer straight away (usually!) from other members!

There’s more to come…

We’re not finished yet and we won’t be for a long time. We’re constantly full of new ideas and plans to grow and support our community and provide our members with fresh inspiration and a learning experience like no other.

Site Terms and Conditions

Just to ensure what you can expect from us and we expect from site users we have the site Terms and Conditions.

We take your data security seriously…

Data security is hugely important so have a look at our Data Privacy Statement.

What to do now…

So, you’ve read what we have to offer and you’re wondering how you can join the CakeFlix community, right? Well, head on over to our membership options page and choose a subscription that suits you! Have fun!

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