Floating Black Widow spider with Dot Klerck

Time : Tue 23rd October 7:00pm
Artist : Paul Bradford and Dot Klerck
Title : Floating spider with Dot Klerck
Access Level : Premium

Learn how to make this black widow spider cake with Dorothy Klerck and Paul Bradford

Learn how to make this black widow spider cake with the incredible Dorothy Klerck and her lovely assistant Paul Bradford. A spookily real looking design, this cake is sure to put the frighteners on a lot of people. Recorded live in the CakeFlix studio, Dorothy shows us how to make this large creepy crawly in just over an hour and 30 minutes.

Who is Dorothy Klerck?

South African born and better known as Dot, Dorothy is most noteworthy for her award-winning life-size sculpted animals. Having incredibly created lifelike and LIFE-SIZED lions, giraffes and elephants, no wonder her work has caught the eye of so many in the cake world.

Made for Halloween but perfect for fans of horror, insects or even for an arachnophobe you don’t like. This design certainly leaves you with a lot of options!


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