Christmas Time with Paul Bradford

Time : Mon 19th November 8:00pm
Artist : Paul Bradford & Sugar and Crumbs
Title : Christmas Time
Access Level : Premium

Learn how to make this cute Santa Claus and hedgehog combo with this LIVE Christmas themed cake tutorial!

No editing out mistakes, no retakes! Rough, raw and recorded LIVE. In this live show, Paul Bradford is joined by the lovely ladies from Sugar & Crumbs cake decorating as they show you how to make these Santa Claus and hedgehog Christmas themed cakes.

Carol and Paul have a good talkĀ about all things cake related including great technical terms like how to get a good er… “squidge”, their history together, cake pricing and much more.

This live show runs for just under 2 hours and details how to make:

  • A cool Santa and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer combo
  • A cute Christmassy hedgehog cake
  • What the term ‘squidge’ means in the cake world (sort of)
  • and much, much more.

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