Meet the Team

Here at the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School, we are all about bringing the best tutors in the world together with our incredibly talented team to produce cake decorating tutorials for our members. We are building a community of cake decorators and tutors and creating the place to go, if you’re into this kind of thing. We do it all with our passionate team, and here we are…

Paul Bradford

Lead Cake Decorating Tutor (Co-Founder)

Paul is the name and the face of the brand and has the unenviable task of coming up with 52 new designs each and every year!

With a passion for cakes, Paul is always thinking of the next design and just loves teaching the craft. Having made cakes for the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince Albert of Monaco, Paul has a wealth of experience yet teaches in a relaxed unassuming easy to follow way. His anecdotes of his humble beginning where his Gran taught him how to decorate cakes to wandering around palaces and the Bee Gees just wandering into his little shop are always worth hearing. Paul started his designer cakes business in 2002 and has made thousands of designer wedding and novelty cakes, now his focus is on teaching, the designs will keep coming!

David Brice

Lead Pro Tutor (Co-Founder)

David has been with Paul throughout his journey which started in a small back street unit behind a bakery in 2002 to growing the business to seven outlets and 35 staff. The journey was not always smooth sailing but having learned most lessons the hard way David wanted to put his experiences to good use to help others to avoid the same pitfalls. His mantra is that success doesn’t bring happiness but happiness does bring success. Another lessons learned the hard way!

David also runs the back room side of the business looking after the strategy, policy and finance side of things. Planning is a key part of David’s role, which he always finds challenging in amongst creative people!


Community Manager

Danielle graduated with a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing last year and has worked in various customer facing roles throughout her studies. As the online community manager, her aim is to make sure that all you guys are having a great time on our site and of course she will be the first to help is you are having any difficulties!
She loves anything to do with social media and is slightly addicted to looking out for the latest cake trends, seeking new guest tutors and of course building our cake community!!

Greg Bell

Visual Producer

Greg’s fascination with media started from a young age and led him to study audio visual studies at college. This led him to many exciting projects ranging from award winning films, music videos to corporate promotional videos for blue chip companies.

Greg now has a new passion…cakes! Not only tasting them but doing his very best to film the skilled experts who make them for our fellow members. He is the one who makes pretty little sets for the cakes as they have their picture taken and as well makes our promo videos. He’s also a keen musician and like’s to write music so who knows…maybe we’ll have our very own music video sometime soon.


Q&A, blog writer and generally wonderful

You’ll know Madeitwithlove from our Q&A, where the answers are insightful, fast and full of wisdom! Our Q&A is a great resource for cake decorators no matter what your experience, so ask away!

Madeitwithlove has also written some incredibly detailed and popular blog posts for us too (along with help from Hubby), the information is invaluable and the posts are always top class. Check them out over in our blog, here…

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