Simple Stencilling Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Simple Stencilling
with Lucia Simeone
Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 1
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1. Using a stencil to make a pattern

In this lesson, Lucia makes use of a stencil to add a lovely pattern to the cake. She also demonstrates many different ways to paint the cake using red dust.

For full tutorial see mum

Lucia Simeone

Lucia Simeone

Lucia Simeone began her self-taught journey in the world of Cake Design in 2011.

Lucia wanted to find her own personal style which pushed her in 2013 to experiment. This coupled with her curiosity and love for painting, for simple and clean lines led her to elaborate her technique, which she transformed simple sheets of host into a canvas on which to paint the its decorations, its flowers.

This insight makes her win at CAKE DESIGN ITALIAN FESTIVAL 2013, the first prize at the "Divina Competition Competition".

In February 2014 he participates in the Italian Cake Design Championships of Italian Pastry Federation, the selection for the World Championships, winning the Gold Medal and the "Innovation Award 2014" for his technique and the use of the host, joining the Italian Excellency Team of the Italian Confectioners Federation, until 2015 when it comes out to continue independently.

In 2015 he received three nominations for the Awards of Italian Cake Design: Best Wedding Cake, Best decorations in flowers, Best Italian Cake Designer 2015.

In 2016 he is finalist at the "Edible Artist Global Award" at the Hong Kong IBE show - Wedding Cake category.

She teaches throughout Italy and attends international events as a guest tutor.

Lucia has a passion for cake, for teaching and enjoys the craft of cake decorating.
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