Armature Moose Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Armature Moose
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 9
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1. Making the armature

Paul talks a little bit about the design and then gets struck straight in by putting the armature together that will form the moose. Paul is using gardening wire, but you could also use 1mm thick armature wire. Then it’s time to cover it in modelling chocolate.

For the full tutorial see Canadian Moose cake

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2. Adding the legs

Here Paul covers the legs with modelling chocolate which he advises will be a lot easier to use than sugarpaste. You can definitely see why when it comes to blending them with the body – plus you can make the legs as thin or as thick as you like. You’ll find that modelling chocolate does exactly what you want it to do with ease… as well as giving a nice shine when rubbed.

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3. Adding the body

Here Paul builds the body with two larger bits of modelling chocolate moulded together over the wire using his hands and sugar shapers.

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4. Adding the hooves

Now it’s on to the hooves. Paul is going for a young moose look – which means extra big and clumsy hooves. It’d be a good idea to get an image in front of you to use as a reference at this stage.

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5. Adding the head, neck and muzzle

Paul now adds the head in two sections and then merges the two pieces around the wire rubbing it until the join is no longer visible. Paul gives it a rather flat and cute look to keep in line with the novelty feel, so don’t worry about aiming for realism too much. This will also allow plenty of room for nice big eyes.

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6. Adding the antlers

Here Paul adds the antlers using thin pieces of rolled out modelling chocolate which he wraps and works around the wire in two sections per antler. It’s then a case of seamlessly merging the pieces together and cutting into it to create antler shapes using a sharp knife and modelling tools to create finer detail.

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7. Adding the hump and mane

Paul now adds the famous (or not so famous) hump to the moose which is what separates it from the likes of an elk. He then moves onto adding the mane in two sections, and then textures it with modelling tools to give it a nice hair texture.

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8. Adding the ears and eyes

Here Paul adds cute little ears to the top of the head along with cartoon style eyes using Paul’s signature style. Paul cuts out an oval shape of cream sugarpaste and then puts in two small holes for the eyes to go in, which he fills with tiny balls of sugarpaste.

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9. Dusting the moose

Paul now finishes off the moose by going around it highlighting certain areas with various dusts to bring it to life. He adds a final touch by giving it a cute little red tongue.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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