Armature pirate Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Armature pirate
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Advanced
HD Lessons: 12
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1. Making the armature

Paul gets straight to it and after showing and explaining his design goes onto to create the armature using florist wire.

For the full tutorial and Tools and Ingredients see Captain Bradley

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2. Adding the legs

Here Paul uses sugarpaste to make the first leg wrapping it around the wire and shaping it with his hands.

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3. Adding the torso

In this lesson Paul adds the torso and begins to add some lovely pirate clothes.

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4. Adding further detail

Paul now adds frills of sugarpaste to the bottom of the torso and a couple of other iconic pirate features.

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5. Adding the jacket

Here Paul adds a true and very stylish pirate jackets complete with fancy lapels and gold trims.

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6. Adding the arms

Paul now adds the arms along with some other features to bring a little bring to the pirate’s outfit.

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7. Adding the hands

Paul could have taken the easy road and made a couple of hooks but decides he deserves hands.

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8. Making the head

Due to stability issues Paul decides to use a styrofoam ball as opposed to a ball of sugarpaste to create the head. See the clever way he creates his facial features in the lesson.

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9. Making the eyes

Paul now makes one eye with the other one to be covered with an eye patch.

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10. Making the hair and eye patch

It’s time to give our pirate some hair and a stylish eye patch. Paul uses a great technique for the hair which gives the illusion of fine hair with one piece of sugarpaste.

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11. Dusting the head and body

Paul now brings the model to life with some dust work around his face and clothes.

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12. Finishing touches

A little bit of glaze and some final little tweaks and now his head is ready to go on.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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