Baby model Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Baby model
with Debbie Brown
Skill level: Advanced Cake Decorating | CakeFlix - Skill Level Courses
HD Lessons: 10
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1. Shaping the Head

Our special guest tutor, Debbie Brown, starts off the Cute Baby course by showing you some great techniques when shaping the cute babies head using rice crispy treats.

For the full tutorial see Cute baby model

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2. Making the Legs

In this lesson Debbie shows you how to make some very cute and realistic babies legs using sugarpaste for the cute baby model.

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3. Making the Body

The body of the baby is the focus of this lesson and Debbie expertly demonstrates the techniques used to achieve this.

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4. Adding the Nappy

The nappy (or diaper) is added next using white sugarpaste, this section cleverly supports the body with the rest of the model.

Debbie also shows you some nice and simple techniques for adding detail and realism to the nappy.

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5. Making the Arms

Debbie shows you how to work out the right proportions for the arms and then moves on with a simple and highly effective method to make the cute babies arms.

The lesson concludes with some fantastic looking hands and fingers which really bring this model to life.

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6. Facial Features

Once the head shape from lesson 1 is set, it’s time to move on to lesson 6, here Debbie shows how to effectively cover the head with sugarpaste. Debbie then moves on to explain how to smooth the head using another piece of sugarpaste for a beautifully smooth finish.

This lesson is finished off with a brilliant demonstration of how to make the mouth area of the cute baby.

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7. Nose and Eyes

This lesson covers the making of the nose and eyes and Debbie continues to share some tips on the facial features.
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8. Tongue and Teeth

In this lesson Debbie uses sugar paste (and sugarflair colours) to create a great and cute looking tongue and teeth with a brilliant level of realism

After this Debbie adds finishing touches to the face including colour in the cheeks, eyelashes and ears.

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9. Hair (Part 1)

This lesson covers the different types of hair you could make for the cute baby (and other models)

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10. Hair (Part 2)

Debbie continues to layer the hair type chosen for this model, adds a cute pink bun and finishes off with some colour using the sugarflair egg yellow paste colour.

Debbie Brown

Debbie Brown

Debbie Brown is a successful cake decorator, demonstrator, tutor and author of cake decoration and sugarcraft specialising in cake sculpture and modelling. She is the UK’s bestselling author of character and novelty cake books and has authored many titles. Debbie focuses much of her time travelling extensively teaching her specialist skills in carefully structured workshops ensuring all students reach their potential with patience and encouragement. She also demonstrates her skills and is a respected judge at specialist cake shows and competitions and is an accredited member of the British Sugarcraft Guild. When she isn’t teaching and running her business, she accepts special cake commissions from select clients.
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