Beautiful Birdcage Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Beautiful Birdcage
with Valeri Valeriano & Christina Ong
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1. Beautiful Birdcage tutorial in full

This is the full Birdcage Tutorial lesson.

It starts with the pre-iced birdcage shape. If you need guidance on getting to this point access your FREE VIDEO VERSION HERE.


Beautiful Birdcage buttercream cake tutorial by Christina Ong

From the striking vintage blue colour of the cage, to the intricate details of the partitions, to the vibrant colours of different flowers and foliage, the Beautiful Birdcage buttercream cake tutorial is no ordinary birdcage.  In this tutorial, Christina will explain every detail as well as how to pipe different colourful flowers that will make your birdcage stand out from the rest.

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Create and cover the birdhouse shape
  • Create buttercream camellias, sunflowers and chrysanthemums
  • Correctly hold your palette knife to be able to achieve such designs
  • Create beautiful petals to compliment the design
  • and lots, lots more!


  • You may add a hint of Brown to any colour to tone down the vibrancy or the brightness
  • Make sure that your cake has been fully covered before you measure the circumference
  • Make sure that your first ever line for the panels has to be straight. Otherwise, all the other panels won’t be straight either
  • When you are piping the details of the cage wires, you have to make sure that the tip of your piping bag has to be close or touching the surface of your cake, otherwise the details will either collapse or would go too curvy
  • To pipe the Camelia, pipe a flat mound to create a different depth or dimension to your flower
  • Petals should be overlapping or layers of petals
  • To create a different shade of the same colour that you are using, just add some white and give it a slight massage or mixing
  • On piping your Sunflower, start on the outer layer, angle it on 20-30deg and as you pipe, you have to make sure that you will have a consistent pressure as you move
  • As you create another layer, the angle of your piping tip should be higher
  • On piping your Chrysanthemum, make sure that the piping tip is touching the surface of your cake and you have to give it a good squeeze as you slowly move away
  • Your petals should have a good base so that the petals will stand nicely
  • You may slightly manipulate your piping tip 81 to have a bigger opening
  • Use a serrated knife or scissors to slightly open it
  • You have to take note that on some occasions, you will have to pipe leaves first before you pipe your petals. This is to make sure that you will still have a space for your leaves.

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Valeri Valeriano & Christina Ong

Valeri Valeriano & Christina Ong

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes is a multi-award winning cake company based in London. Founded in June 2011, the company is headed by cake artists and best friends, Valeri and Christina. It was by sweet accident that these ladies discovered their passion and talent. On Mother’s Day 2011, they wanted to give their two friends whom they consider their “second-mums” something special but not expensive and decided to bake for them...and they have never stopped since. Renowned globally for their edible works of art using nothing else but buttercream as their decorating medium, Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes has been featured in numerous well known blogs, local and international news, magazines, TV Shows and have showcased their masterpieces as well as demonstrated in some of UK’s biggest exhibitions. Valeri and Christina take immense pride in their mastery of buttercream and their goal is to revive and modernize this age-old art.

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