Bestest friends Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Bestest friends
with Sachiko Windbiel
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 10
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1. Putting the structure together

In this lesson, Sachiko shows us the correct proportions for the models as well as making the internal structures that hold them together.

For the full tutorial and tools and ingredients see Puppy love

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2. Painting the eyes

Here we see a brilliantly simple and quick technique to make realistic miniature eyes without using a brush or any dusts!

Sachiko shows us how to create her famously cute faces with very small but precise movements to bring out brilliant facial expressions.

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3. Making the legs

Sachiko starts by showing us how to add eyelashes to the face to give a more feminine look for the little girl. She then demonstrated how to make the legs with cute little shoes to go with them.

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4. Making the clothes

Here Sachiko makes the cute clothes for the models using sugarpaste.

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5. Making the arms

In this we learn how to make child like arms using very simple and quick techniques that give realistic results.

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6. Attaching the heads/ making the boy’s ears

Sachiko attaches the heads to the bodies and then shows us how to make the ears so now they can hear everything you say!

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7. Making the boy's hair

You could make all kinds of hairstyles at this stage and Sachiko decides to give him a little quiff.

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8. Making the girl's hair

Sachiko decides to model the little girls hair after her own hair and creates a cute little bob haircut.

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9. Adding the bow arranging the models

In this lesson, Sachiko uses two colours of thinly rolled out sugarpaste to create the lovely bow which she adds to the cake.

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10. Finishing touches

To make the cake even cuter, Sachiko makes to little dogs for the little boy and girl to hold.

Sachiko Windbiel

Sachiko Windbiel

Sachiko Windbiel is the owner of mimicafe Union, based in New York City.  mimicafe Union provides instruction in the creation of fondant cake toppers & figures to cake decorators of all skill levels.  Her artistic skills are self developed and inspired by her childhood fascination with Manga and animation.  Her mix of skill, originality and humour has led to many teaching opportunities, far and wide, as well as many cake show awards and honours.  At her workshops, participants from all over the world can attest to Sachiko’s skill as an instructor and to her enthusiasm for her students.
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