Body-Builder Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Skill level: Easy Cake Decorating | Cakeflix - Beginner Level Courses
HD Lessons: 12
Decorating time: 2-3 Hours
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1. Carving the Body Shape

Using the template and shading carve out the torso. There’s a bit of a jigsaw going on here to ensure maximise use of the 10” cake against the shape of the torso.
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2. Ganaching

A little bit different here as you are applying the ganache to an unusual shape where you’ve got to make especially sure that the whole cake is covered. However, its not just as essential here to get that extra smooth finish normally required.
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3. Shaping the Body

Paul shows how to add that 3D realism to the shape of the body in preparation for the covering of the cake in the next lesson.
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4. Covering the Cake

This is where you bring the shape to life making sure to get all those muscle tones highlighted.
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5. Airbrushing the Torso

You can use dusts and lustres to get the body toning, but best result are achieved using the airbrush. Using the image shown on the link you’ll see how different shading aspects achieve different results.
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6. Trunks

Now this is the bit you can have a bit of fun with and it will all depend on the audience for the cake. No matter what you do with the rest of the cake the bulge is the first thing the ladies will look at!
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7. The Tools - Part 1

You can adapt your own tools and tool kit or you might prefer just to leave the trunks and bulge as the features. Paul creates five simple tools that give the cake a focus away from the obvious.
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8. The Tools - Part 2

You can adapt your own tools and tool kit or you might prefer just to leave the trunks and bulge as the features. Paul creates five simple tools that give the cake a focus away from the obvious.
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9. Covering the Board

Paul goes for a dirty denim ruffled look which is quick and easy to create and makes covering the awkward shape that little bit easier.
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10. Finishing Touches

Spraying the cake with PME glaze gives that oiled, tanned body beautiful look which will get the heads turning. Where do you cut though!

Keep an eye out for Paul’s biggest fan in this lesson.

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11. Other Ideas

Paul talks about some other options for the design of this cake.
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12. Pro Lesson

It’s business time! In this Pro lesson Paul chats about the advantages with this sort of cake and why it should be included it as part of your shop.

This Body-Builder Cake tutorial is one of our more rare, slightly adult themed cakes (for obvious reasons) and could be a great choice for a selection of different events, from Birthdays to a hen do depending on the recipients taste. Paul’s very own templates are provided and downloadable for this course, though feel free to search for the ‘perfect body’ on Google images if you don’t like what’s offered! Enjoy.

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