Clematis Wedding Cake ‘Nancy’ Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Clematis Wedding Cake ‘Nancy’
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 14
Decorating time: 2 - 3 Days
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1. Bougainvillea Flowers - Part 1

Paul starts the course off by creating the Bougainvillea flower in this two part lesson. Part 1 covers the creation of the flower parts ready for the assembly of the Bougainvillea in part 2.


1. Always remember to work flower paste nice and thin.

2. It´s a great idea to a have a fresh flower to copy.

3. Do a little research about colours and what matches and works right for your cake.

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2. Bougainvillea Flowers - Part 2

Part 2 of the Bougainvillea flower section covers the assembly of the wired flower. The flowers will be dusted in later lessons so don’t worry about the colour for now.
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3. Clematis - Part 1

Using a Lily Cutter (Use a Clematis cutter if you have one!) which is 6.5 cm length and 3 cm width, Paul cuts out the the petals for the Clematis. This is finished off with a Lily Veiner and the ball tool to add realism.
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4. Clematis - Part 2

Using medium sized stamens (cut down to size) Paul shows you how to achieve a realistic Clematis stamen for your Clematis flower.
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5. Jasmine

This lesson covers the creation of Jasmine (you can also find similar tuition on this course)

Using the 26 guage wire, flower paste and small cutters Paul will have you creating these flowers in no time!

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6. Creating Devils Ivy (leaves)

This lesson covers creating Devil’s Ivy and the inclusion of some made up leaves. The veining of the leaves has been achieved using a Lily Veiner, of course you can experiment with the veiners and cutters you already own to produce similar results.
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7. Dusting the Flowers - Part 1

Time for the messy part! Dusting the flowers is made easy following Paul’s advice in regards to colour mixing and shading in this lesson.
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8. Dusting the Flowers - Part 2

The dusting and painting from the previous lesson is continued in this lesson with some beautiful results.
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9. Assembling the Flowers - Part 1

Assembling your creations really lets you see what you’ve achieved. The Devil’s Ivy assembly is covered in this lesson, the finished Ivy is achieved using florist tape, wire and some spray glaze to finish the leaves off.
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10. Assembling the Flowers - Part 2

Paul explains how the cake was created (ready for the flowers to be attached) followed by the assembly of the Clematis flowers which look incredible!
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11. Arranging the Flowers - Part 1

The arrangement of the flowers can be a lengthy process and may require a few tweaks here and there. Watch as Paul shares some nice tips on arranging the flowers for this cake.
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12. Arranging the Flowers - Part 2

The arrangement of the flowers can be a lengthy process and may require a few tweaks here and there. Watch as Paul shares some nice tips on arranging the flowers for this cake.
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13. Finishing Touches and Other Ideas

Finishing touches are added in this lesson, Paul’s combined this with some other ideas for the flowers and we’d love to see what you create so nip on over to our facebook page or twitter and share with us!
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14. Pro Lesson

Exclusively for Pro Members, this Pro lesson talks in detail about pricing the cake and also touches on the marketing side of this cake.

Learn to make Clematis, Bougainvillea, Jasmine and Devil’s Ivy as part of this beautiful Wedding Cake Paul has named ‘Nancy’ after his Mum! A beautiful wedding cake (or a very nice anniversary cake) and because of the flowers, a bit more of an advanced skill cake. We recommend creating a few flowers each day to spread your time out on this beautiful cake.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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