Clown Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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with Danielle Gotheridge
Skill level: Easy
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1. Making the Clown

In this lesson Danielle shows us how to make a quick easy clown using spaghetti to support it and hold it all in place. You don’t even need to make four limbs…just two pieces of sugarpaste that form the arms and legs. All you will need is something like a spatula to make lines on the paste and some spaghetti. Danielle uses red, blue, brown, black and flesh coloured sugarpaste but as it’s a clown you could really use any colour you like.

For the full tutorial see Fun Circus

Danielle Gotheridge

Danielle Gotheridge

Multi Award Winner Danielle Gotheridge has been designing wow factor cakes for over 10 years and has taught herself and created techniques for 5 years. Danielle’s fresh approach to edible art has attracted thousands over the years, leading her to produce cakes for many celebrities including Justin Beiber, Pauline Quirk, The Wanted and many more!

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