Contemporary Christmas Cupcakes Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Contemporary Christmas Cupcakes
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 10
Decorating time: 2-3 Hours
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1. Ganaching the Cupcakes

Starting with some cupcakes (there’s a great lesson for vanilla cupcakes here or use cupcakes of your choice) Baileys Irish Cream is added for extra flavour and the cupcakes are prepared with a layer of ganache.


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2. Icing the Cupcakes

Lesson 2 covers the initial icing of the cupcakes. Start with the darker coloured pale grey sugarpaste on the cake, followed by the lighter coloured white sugarpaste. Using textured sheets gives a nice effect on the white icing whilst keeping that contemporary style.


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3. Preparing the Decorations

It’s time to create the decorations for the cupcakes using white flower paste / gum paste and cutters. Paul shows you how to add that curled leaf realism to the decorative flowers and leaves, once done leave to dry for 30-60 mins.


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4. Christmas Tree

The first of the cupcakes is the Christmas Tree cupcake. Using ‘Starlight Comet’ coloured lustre dust and the pieces cut earlier, using varying sizes of snowflake cutter. Paul shows you how to achieve this lovely Christmas tree cupcake effect.


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5. Christmas Flower

Next up is the Christmas Flower cupcake. Decorating this cupcake with the small non-pearlised white balls, as shown, really makes the previously made layers of the Christmas flower look great on this cupcake.


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6. Striped Holly Cupcake

Paul uses a light silver edible paint to paint the previously applied stripes, then it’s time to add the sprig of holly and some silver balls.


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7. Patterned Holly Cupcake

Paul uses the great looking Cappuccino Lustre dust to highlight some of the pattern on the cupcake, this is finished off with a white lustred holly sprig and more silver balls!


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8. Rock Chick Cupcake

The Rock Chick cupcake is a studded looking slightly different cupcake but still looks the part for Christmas. This wouldn’t be quite as good for the teeth with the silver balls so be careful!


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9. Christmas Bauble

Stars, stripes and pretty silver balls make this Christmas Bauble a great finale in the course, it even has it’s own sugarpaste hook, but we’re sure this will be eaten long before it see’s a Christmas tree.


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10. Other Ideas

Paul shares his usual insights on some other ideas using these cupcakes.


Make this Christmas a stylish one with these great Contemporary Christmas Cupcakes. Six striking yet simple cupcake designs that are guaranteed to add some Christmas cheer, just pick your favourite design, or make them all!

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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