Cute Duck Cake Tutorial | CakeFlix Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Cute Duck Cake Tutorial | CakeFlix
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 10
Decorating time: 3-4 hours approx
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1. Preparing the Cakes and Board

In this lesson Paul shows you how to ice a double board to give the cake bit of extra height and value.


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2. Decorating the Second Tier

 Here, Paul shows you a simple way to get a wavy effect around the side of the cake using free hand techniques.


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3. Decorating the Top Tiers

 Paul demonstrates how to get a wavy disk on top of the cake again using free hand techniques. He then goes on to add some brighter color by adding some hot pink balls.


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4. Yellow Flowers

Using a some blossom cutters Paul gives the bottom tier of the cake a cute floral effect, then adds a little extra sparkle with some silver balls.


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5. Ribbon and Daffodils

Paul adds the Ribbon and Daffodils to the cake to enhance the colours.


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6. Making the Cute Duck

This cute cake topper is a great one to learn and apply to other designs. In this lesson, we focus on making the body, detailing and eyes.


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7. Making the Cute Duck - Part 2

Continuing to make this cute cake topper. Part 2 focuses on making the feet for the duck to finish off this adorable cake topper.


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8. Polka Dots

As the cake was almost finished, Paul decided to add a bit more detail to the cake where he thought it was lacking – on the top tier.

We apologise for the poor audio on this lesson, luckily it’s only a short one!


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9. Other Ideas

As usual, we follow our course by going into a little more detail on what you could different or what you could add to the cake to make it even more special.


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10. Pro Lesson

Paul’s help and advice on this one for our Pro members.

This Cute Duck Cake Tutorial | CakeFlix is the perfect cake for any event for the little ones. Everyone loves cake, even babies, so if you’ve got a christening or a birthday coming up, this one’s perfect! Or maybe you just like Ducks yourself? They’re pretty cool.

Paul will show you a step by step on the Cute Duck Cake Tutorial | CakeFlix so that you can recreate the Cute Duck and there’ll be a few extra hints tips along the way.

Cute Baby Ducks

A group of baby ducks, known as ducklings, waddled adorably in a line, their tiny yellow feet pitter-pattering on the soft grass. Each duckling had a fluffy coat of feathers, as soft as cotton candy, in a shade of the sunniest yellow.

Their beady black eyes sparkled with curiosity as they explored their surroundings, eagerly following their mother duck’s every move. The ducklings chirped and quacked softly, their high-pitched voices creating a sweet symphony that filled the air.

They looked like a charming miniature parade, bringing joy and warmth to anyone who caught a glimpse of their heartwarming cuteness.

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Paul Bradford

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