David Austin rose technique Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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David Austin rose technique
with Paul Bradford
HD Lessons: 10
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1. Getting the cut outs ready

Paul starts by explaining the numbers, shapes and sizes of wafer paper cut outs needed and puts together the centre of the roses. There’s also some information on how to keep your wafer paper moist.

  • 14 cut outs of the 3cm rose petal cutter
  • 7 of each of the 4cm, 4.5cm, 5.5cm rose petal
  • 30 of each of the 7.5cm rose petal cutters and 5.5cm leaf cutters

For the full tutorial and tools and ingredient lists see DAVID AUSTIN ROSE

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2. Adding the petals

Paul now starts to shape and bring the petals together to begin to form the David Austin rose. It takes a few more petals than he first thought so you need to use your creative eye on this one.

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3. Conditioning the outer petals

The rose starts to come together here as you prepare the outer petals. Paul guides you through the shaping and moulding of the petals to get that perfect rose.

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4. Attaching the outer petals

Paul makes a sugarpaste cup for the rose to sit in which helps the rose keep its shape and allows you to attach the outer petals.

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5. Adding the final petals and centres

Paul repeats the process for the last layer of petals making sure the petals have a bashed look and using enough moisture for them to keep their shape.

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6. Shaping the leaves

Paul shows a couple of techniques in how to shape the leaves so it’s just down to your preference. Paul being Paul has chosen the fastest route!

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7. Colouring the rose

Paul comes up with a funky new way to colour wafer paper, but requires some of David’s cherished vodka!

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8. Colouring the leaves

Using a mix of gel and alcohol Paul adds some lovely lifelike colouring to the leaves. This is where you can add your own personal touch.

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9. Putting the rose together

Paul brings the leaves together to create stems then by adding the rose makes the most amazing of flowers.

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Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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