Designer Satchel Handbag Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Designer Satchel Handbag
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 19
Decorating time: Three to Four Hours
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1. Shaping the Cake

Paul starts by showing us the design he’s looking to create. Here you will learn the tricks involved when carving a handbag from a 10” square cake. It’s important to take your time at this stage to get the shape right which will make the rest of the process so much easier.
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2. Ganaching the Cake Part 1

In this lesson, Paul shows us how to give the stacked cake its first layer of ganache.
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3. Ganaching the Cake Part 2

Paul offers a few hints and tips on using ganache in warm, humid climates and also why he prefers to use a card to transfer the cake.
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4. Ganaching the Cake Part 3

Paul continues to ganache the cake in this lesson.
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5. Ganaching the Cake Part 4

After a few trips to the fridge and smoothing off the desired finish is achieved!
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6. Covering the Cake

Using a new style of rolling pin, which Paul is very impressed with, he rolls out the sugarpaste and covers the bag in sections, blending the sugarpaste to get a smooth finish.
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7. Texturing Part 1

This is the bit that gives the bag its style and realistic qualities – texturing to add more interesting details.
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8. Texturing Part 2

There are various mats to choose from but we’ll learn here how to easily change a plain sugarpaste to something befitting of a Prada bag.
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9. Attaching the Trim Part 1

Getting the trims right is very important and as we’ll learn it’s the detail that makes the difference.
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10. Attaching the Trim Part 2

Using simple shapes and techniques, Paul creates the trim to start to give the bag its character.
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11. Preparing the Decorations

There’s a template included under the Tools tab above, to provide you the shapes required if you’re following this specific design. If you have your own adaptation, it’s worth spending some time creating the shapes. If it’s easier the templates are also available here:
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12. Painting the Decorations

You can adapt this to your preferred taste and it’s worth experimenting with some colours to test on sugarpaste before colouring all the decorations.
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13. Attaching the Decorations Part 1

Now, remember to texturise the decorations before putting them on the cake…Paul forgot!
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14. Attaching the Decorations Part 2

Using sugar glue and a careful positioning eye, we’ll see where and how to add the decorations to recreate what looks like the real bag itself.
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15. Adding the Handle

This is a very distinctive part of the design and a bit of a challenge with sugarpaste. However, Paul has his own ideas and shows us how to achieve this shaped effect.
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16. Covering the Board

This part is so important to show the cake off to its very best. Paul prefers to use a flat textured board as it shows off the curves best at the bottom of the cake.
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17. Transferring the Cake

This can be tricky so it’s best to get someone to help you with this step. Here we’ll see how to effectively transfer the cake onto the finished board and fix the inevitable marks that the transfer will create….and we’re all done! Well done!
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18. Other Ideas

As with any cake design that is as elaborate as this one, there are so many variations of style you can use. Paul talks us through a number ideas that can be used to adapt the design. We would love to see your take on the Designer Satchel Handbag Cake – please share your photos with us on our Facebook Page!
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19. Pro Lesson

In this lesson, Paul talks us through how we should approach this cake from a business perspective, whether that’s to make a profit from this cake, or to use this cake to attract business!
Handbag cakes are always popular, especially when they look this good! Paul has become renowned for making handbag cakes as they are incredibly realistic and in this course you can follow along with the detailed step-by-step lessons to recreate your own Designer Satchel Handbag Cake. This design is for intermediate level cake designers and will take three to four hours to complete.

We would love to see your take on the Designer Satchel Handbag Cake – please share your photos with us on our Facebook Page!

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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