Elephant, Zebra, Monkey Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Elephant, Zebra, Monkey
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 8
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1. Making the elephant

In this lesson, Paul adds the elephant’s body and legs, which gives a flavour of how the finished design will look.

For the full tutorial see Circus balancing acts

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2. Finishing the elephant

Time to bring our elephant to life and give him character along the way by adding his head, trunk, tail and those very distinctive ears.

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3. Zebra time

In this lesson, Paul positions the body and legs of the zebra before starting to add the stripes.

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4. Adding the zebra’s head and front legs

He’s starting to take shape, so time for the head and a very important facial expression! His character builds as the front legs are placed over his eyes to keep the frightened look going.

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5. Finishing the zebra

This is where the zebra gets his stripes and ears and the wee character comes to life.

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6. Adding the monkey

In this lesson Paul positions the monkey sitting on the zebra’s head with his legs dangling down.

It’s your choice where you put the legs, but you will want to consider the overall look of the cake.

Every cheeky monkey needs a cheeky smile so here you add the head and facial expressions.

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7. Finishing the monkey

In this lesson, Paul adds the ears, eyes, nose, arms and of course his tail to finish things off.

Paul has a debate about the positioning of the arms, which again gives you some options.

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8. Finishing touches

Paul just adds some detail to each of the animals to finish this cake off. It’s been great fun to make this one!

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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