Female pirate face Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Female pirate face
with Rhu Strand
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 3
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1. Working on the head

Once you have secured your polystyrene ball onto a wooden stick or dowel, it’s time to cover it with flesh coloured sugarpaste. First of all, create a thick flattish bowl shape and then wrap it around your ball and begin to shape it into an egg shape forming an obvious chin and forehead area. Don’t worry too much about cracks as they will begin to disappear toward the back of the head where you will cut off any excess sugarpaste. Rhu has some handy tips for creating realistic facial shapes using your hands and fingers, with only minimal assistance form tools. When it gets to the finer details such as lips and so on, you will be looking to use some of the usual suspects. Watch and find out.

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2. Adding Detail to the Face

This is where it really gets fun and the whole design relies heavily on the face as this is where our eyes will be drawn to first, so do take your time with this one. Rhu works on the nose and eyes in this lesson and spends over 20 minutes on these two features alone. That should give you an idea of the amount of work going into this model. The eyelids play a massive role in the realism of the face and you should spend time making sure they are not only placed properly but are smoothed into the face so that they are flush. They allow the eyes to have a more natural almond shape as opposed to a perfect circle which is what we want to avoid. Make sure you are sitting down and stay comfortable as this can get tiring on your shoulders and back. You may have noticed that we are preparing for two eyes when in actual fact one is being covered by an eye patch. You can always go ahead and make it anyway as it makes for good practice trying to get two eyes similar to each other.

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3. Painting and Dusting the Face

A steady hand will be required for this lesson as well as a small assortment of brushes – a soft brush for dusting and two 0 brushes, one of which has most of the bristles cut off to allow for very fine paint work. This will be necessary when it comes to the eyelids and lashes. The painting work will bring all your modelling work to life and add a whole new dimension.

Rhu Strand

Rhu Strand

With a proven track record in cake making, cake toppers and classes offering exceptional quality, Rhu has won gold awards for her figure work in international cake competitions and also for her business in Hampshire she also travels to teach both in the UK and Internationally as a guest teacher.
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