Footballer Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 13
Decorating time: 2 - 3 Hours
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1. Shaving the Styrofoam

Models can be made in many ways including all sugarpaste, krispie treats or all you’ll learn here using Styrofoam. The main benefit in using Styrofoam is that with it weight a lot less than the other two its far easier to create shaped heads and bodies. In this lesson Paul demonstrates how to cut Styrofoam shapes ready to be covered with sugarpaste.
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2. Covering the Model

This technique coupled, with a few hints and tips along the way, allows you to give the Styrofoam that sugarpaste layer to bring it into the cake design.
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3. Football

Using simple shaping techniques to make the hexagon pattern shape the white ball becomes more recognisable as a football.
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4. Football Boots

This shows the level of detail required to get that special WOW factor design. Going into the details of laces and brand stripes can make all the difference albeit time consuming. Of course, there isn’t the absolute need to go into the detail as you can just see the overall shape which you will learn at the very start of the lesson.
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5. The Head

The character’s head is created with cartoony style features in keeping with the overall theme of the cake. In this lesson, Paul works on the mouth, nose, eyes and ears of our footballer.
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6. The Hair

Everyone knows that footballers these days put lot of effort into their hair so Paul puts the same kind of effort into creating that perfect footballers hair style.
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7. Finishing the Head

Paul adds some finishing touches to the head, such as some final additions to the eyes and some nice rosy cheeks.
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8. The Cake

Paul turns his attention to creating the football field cake (but don’t worry, it’s a lot smaller than a football field!). The cake is airbrushed to give it more of a turf look than simply using green sugarpaste.
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9. Legs and Construction

In this lesson, we look at constructing the model on top of the cake. It’s hard to make a footballer stand without any legs though, so that’s where Paul concentrates first.
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10. Finishing the Body

This is the part of the course where it all comes together. Paul starts by adding some finishing touches to the strip and of course, adding some arms!
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11. Adding the Head

This is a short one, but it’s an important one! The Head is added to our footballer and that’s it, one complete footballer cake fit for any football fan (you might have to change the strip).
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12. Other Ideas

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13. Pro Lesson

Learn to make this great Footballer Cake with some great airbrush techniques and sugarpaste modelling.  A perfect cake for anyone that loves football, you can even match the football strip to their favourite club!

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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