Frangipani Flowers Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Frangipani Flowers
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Easy Cake Decorating | Cakeflix - Beginner Level Courses
HD Lessons: 7
Decorating time: 2 - 3 Hours
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1. Making Flowers

Once the pronunciation of the flower is out of the way we start to create the Flowers! The Frangipani is a simple flower that’s perfect for beginners to create, start off with some flower paste / gum paste and roll out and if possible use a pasta machine at number 3 thickness. Cut out five petals per flower using the petal cutter, once you have your required amount of petals you can move on to using the ball tool to create the petal edges. Follow Paul’s advice in the video of how to attach the petals to create the flower.

Tip: For a more realistic look try to make the flower as open as possible.

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2. Painting Flowers

You can opt to use an airbrush or use petal dusts for this stage. Paul starts with a small spray of orange in the centre of the flower, this is then followed by a gentle spray of bright yellow following the technique shown.
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3. Buttercream

Using a standard 2:1 ratio buttercream (2 parts icing sugar to 1 part butter) we create a buttercream filling for the Magdalena’s. You can find a free course all about buttercream here.

Tip: You can use meringue, Italian buttercream or your own favourite recipe.

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4. Top Tier

For the Top Tier cake we start by adding a gradient of yellow using the airbrush which helps add a soft feel to the cake. To place the flowers on top of the cake a sugarpaste mound is created, this helps angle the flowers correctly. The flowers can also be attached with royal icing if you need them to be extra strong.

Tip: You can attach an organza bow which also looks great.

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5. Finishing Touches

The cake boards are prepared with a white sugarpaste and Paul talks you through adding the ribbons (white and yellow) using a non-toxic glue stick. To finish off the boards a yellow spray is applied to match the spray that was added to the cake in the previous lesson.

Paul opts to use drinking glasses as pillars for the tiers, make sure to push these down firmly and glue them down with edible glue if required. A small cutting of fresh foliage is added to the glasses, this looks brilliant against the yellows of the Frangipani.

The Magdalena’s are added to each of the bottom two tiers followed by the top tier cake. Extra green leaves are added in between the Magdalena’s and also all around the base of the top tier cake.

Tip: You can use pearls on the board.

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6. Other Ideas

Paul shows us some other ideas using various accessories, this includes a bird cage ‘nest’ style arrangement and some cute cupcake holders. We hope you’ve enjoyed this course and we’re certain you’ll find the Frangipani a very versatile addition to your cake designs.
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7. Pro Lesson

In this Pro Lesson Paul talks through the business side of this cake and how utilising this design can be a simple yet highly advantageous decision.

Inspired by some Frangipani flowers cake artistry from the garden, Paul makes this lovely wedding cake and Magdalena’s. Both utilise this beautiful and simple to make flower that beginners to advanced cake decorators will love. These beautiful Frangipani Flowers would light up and cake.

Frangipani Flowers

Frangipani flowers, with their delicate petals and intoxicating fragrance, capture the essence of tropical beauty. These exquisite blooms, also known as plumeria, add a touch of paradise to any garden or indoor space.

Why Frangipani Flowers are Special

  • Vibrant Colors:

    Frangipani flowers come in a wide range of vibrant colors, from pure white to deep pink, yellow, and even green. Each color carries a unique meaning, making them perfect for expressing different emotions and occasions.

  • Sweet Fragrance:

    The frangipani flower’s fragrance is simply heavenly. Its sweet, intoxicating scent fills the air, creating a calming and serene atmosphere.

  • Cultural Significance:

    Frangipani flowers hold deep cultural significance in many parts of the world. In some cultures, they are believed to bring good luck, while in others, they are used in traditional ceremonies and rituals.

Versatility: Frangipani flowers are incredibly versatile. They can be used in leis, hair accessories, and as decorations for weddings, parties, and other special events.

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