Frangipani Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 2
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1. Making Flowers

For the full tutorial see Frangipani Flowers

Once the pronunciation of the flower is out of the way we start to create the Flowers! The Frangipani is a simple flower that’s perfect for beginners to create, start off with some flower paste / gum paste and roll out and if possible use a pasta machine at number 3 thickness. Cut out five petals per flower using the petal cutter, once you have your required amount of petals you can move on to using the ball tool to create the petal edges. Follow Paul’s advice in the video of how to attach the petals to create the flower.

Tip: For a more realistic look try to make the flower as open as possible.

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2. Painting Flowers

You can opt to use an airbrush or use petal dusts for this stage. Paul starts with a small spray of orange in the centre of the flower, this is then followed by a gentle spray of bright yellow following the technique shown.
Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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