Hanging Handbag Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Hanging Handbag
with Mayen Orido
Skill level: Advanced
HD Lessons: 15
Decorating time: 2 Days
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This is the place to be if you are looking to get the just of the tutorial in a more bite size, condensed video which contains all the key parts of the entire tutorial.

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1. Assembling the Stand

In this lesson Mayen shows us how to prepare and assemble to stand which once finished will be capable of carrying a significant amount of weight.  It’s also available on Etsy. Mayen recommends always thinking five steps ahead and pre-drilling all your holes so as to avoid splitting the wood. As the cakes made in the studio are never for consumption Mayen is concerned about doing the woodwork on the kitchen but of course make sure you do this in a non food environment. If you are confident doing this you can always get your local DIY store to help you.

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2. Making it Food Safe

So now it’s time to make the structure food safe. No one likes food that tastes of wood and and glue so let’s cover it up. Mayen shows us how to use a combination of cake card and tin foil to keep it safe and tasty. Watch out when using hot glue…it’ll get you!

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3. Cutting the Cake Pt 1

Here Mayen shows us how to cut the cake so that it fits snuggly around the structure. You can use the template that she showed you how to make to keep you right and use your tasty ganache as glue to keep it all together.

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4. Cutting the Cake Pt 2

Mayen continues to show us how to get the cake on and around the structure in preparation for carving.

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5. Carving the Cake Pt 1

So now we’re on to carving the cake and Mayen “eyeballs” it so no templates used but just careful carving. Mayen recommends using a turntable to so you can keep spinning the cake to make sure you are carving each side the same and creating uneven shapes.

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6. Ganaching the Cake

Mayen starts of by using a slightly runnier consistency of ganache to do her first layer of ganache acting as her crumb coat which sets it up nicely for the second coat after being chilled. Once the second coat is on and has been left to set a little she then uses an acetate smoother (or thin plastic place mat) to smooth the ganache in preparation for being iced. The way to know if the ganache is ready to be smoothed is if in turns from a gloss to a mat finish when you run over it with the smoother.

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7. Icing the Cake pt 1

In this lesson Mayen shows us how to create the design for the main body of the bag using strip cutters which speed things up quite a bit. Definitely worth purchasing. Just a roller and a stitchy tool and that’s all you need.

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8. Icing the Cake Pt 2

Here Mayen demonstrates just how handy those vinyl sheets are! I have personally never seen them used before but can definitely see the benefit of using them. It allows you to handle the sugarpaste and place it onto the cake without adding finger marks or inadvertently mishape it. Another clever thing Mayen does is uses shortening (trex) to coat the ganache before adding the sugarpaste as opposed to water or piping gel. Shortening is great because it is sticky but still allows you to move the sugarpaste around once it’s on and even remove it completely without any problems.

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9. Icing the Cake Pt 3

Just one last panel and then we have finished covering the cake. Mayen uses a lovely crocodile leather effect impression mat which works well with the handle and keeps the theme consistent. You can purchase one like it by clicking here.

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10. Adding Finer Detail Pt 1

So we’ve pretty much covered the cake and now it’s time to add the little bits like the lining and then cut a portion of the icing on top of the cake in preparation for the zipper. You can use an extruder to creating the lining or use your hands of even cake smoothers to roll out thin sausages.

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11. Adding Finer Detail Pt 2

In this lesson Mayen adds a nice zip to the top of the cake using a sipper mould which takes no time at all. She then creates a nice red badge for the front of the cake with Paul’s name inscribed on it. Not sure Paul would be in a rush to wear the bag but it looks lovely all the same!

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12. Finishing Touches

In this final lesson Mayen shows us how finish it all off creating the last of the decorations and finishing them off with some lovely (non edible) paint. Mayen points out that though the paint causes the decorations to not be suitable for consumption it is very unlikely anyone would want to eat them anyway as they set very hard.

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13. Other Ideas

Here Mayen shares some ideas that you can use using the same techniques and stand to create completely different cakes as well as ideas on how to make this design unique to you.

We are sure you have some of your own ideas so please share your pictures with us on our facebook page as well as Mayne’s!

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14. Pro Lesson

In this lesson, Paul provides some insider information for this cake including the cost to make it as well as how much you should price the cake at when selling it – vital information for any professional cake designer.

Mayen Orido from Way Beyond Cakes introduces us to her fantastic Hanging Handbag Cake which we are sure you’ll agree is a “WOW-factor” cake! This is not your average handbag cake as not only is it pretty to look at but it can actually be carried around just like a handbag! Mayen has devised a brilliant structure that can carry a significant amount of weight and can be adapted in many different ways to make all sorts of designs. You could use this structure to make an ice bucket complete with bottles of champagne or even a watering can and it’s available on Etsy.

This cake would be great for anyone who appreciates a nice handbag and would be great for large events such as a product launch or a fashion show. Imagine having a handbag that you could eat when you get bored of carrying it. Who wouldn’t love that as a birthday gift?!

This cake incorporates many different skills and techniques such as woodwork, cake carving, working with ganache, covering a cake while creating lovely shapes and textures, making decorations and edible paint work.

We would love to see your take on the Hanging Handbag  – Please share your pictures with us on our Facebook Page as well as Mayen’s!

Mayen Orido

Mayen Orido

If you love cake decorating then you would have heard of the wonderful Mayen Orido from Way Beyond Cakes. Mayen started out making cakes for her little boy around 6 years ago and has since gathered a huge interest for her cakes and unique cake decorating style as evident on her highly popular facebook page. Along with selling her unique cakes, Mayen also has a successful Etsy Store selling her own hand made silicone moulds and also teaches her knowledge of cake decorating around the globe.
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