How to Make a Sugar Rose Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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How to Make a Sugar Rose
with Raewyn Read
Skill level: Easy Cake Decorating | Cakeflix - Beginner Level Courses
HD Lessons: 9
Decorating time: Two Hours (including drying time)
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1. Preparing the Rose Centre

So to start us off Raewyn gets us preparing the rose centre. The easiest but most vital part to the whole structure and is a must see!
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2. Adding the First Row of Glued Petals

In this lesson Raewyn shows us how to create the first batch of petals. You will learn some great little tips on how to give them that natural look with household objects and who doesn’t love a money saver?!
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3. Adding the Final Rows of Glued Petals

Don’t be tempted to run ahead as we’re sure you are as in the lesson you will learn how to correctly build the rose up to give it that realistic look.
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4. Making Wired Petals

It’s coming along rather quickly isn’t it? Yes, very satisfying and now it’s onto the wired petals. Once again we get some handy tips and do’s and don’t s as well the benefits of using a cell board.
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5. Drying the Wired Petals

In this very quick lesson Raewyn shows us how to correctly and safely dry our wired petals. Thanks Raewyn!
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6. Wiring and Taping Wired Petals to Rose

We’re nearly there! So now we are on to attaching all those wired petals to the rose nice and securely. There is an art to this so this is another must see!
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7. Making the Leaves

Of course…the leaves! what is a rose without it’s leaves? In this lesson Raewyn shows us how to make some lovely realistic leaves to your beautiful rose.
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8. Dusting the Rose

We’re here already and now it’s on to adding the “WOW factor” and by far the most satisfying part. Join Raewyn us how to add the perfect amount of dusting in all the right places. This is where you can really bring it back to life. Just be careful not to overdo it…..we all now hard that can be.
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9. Other Ideas

In this video Raewyn kindly share with us some other ideas and tips on how to make your rose unique and how you could use them to their fullest.

Join Raewyn from “Cakes By Raewyn” as she shows us how to make a beautiful sugar rose. You will learn how to cut, roll, vein, wire, attach and dust your sugar rose effectively. If you want to learn how to make a realistic sugar rose that can be used for all occasions you have come to the right place

Raewyn Read

Raewyn Read

Raewyn Read is an award-winning, international cake decorator and instructor who discovered her passion for cake decorating when she made her youngest daughter's first birthday cake, utilizing the strong base of art and design knowledge she had honed through many years of creative pursuits. She is able to create using a variety of mediums but is mostly known for her figure modelling and original design concepts which have lead to her participating in numerous collaborations, including the award-winning Starry Night collaboration, and teaching cake decorating classes all across America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, including her own studio in Sydney.
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