How to set up Facebook Ads - Cake Business Tutorial

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How to set up Facebook Ads
with Matt Shields
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1. How to set up Facebook Ads

In this CakeFlix business tutorial, we show you how to set up Facebook Ads properly to help promote your business. Facebook ads can seem a bit daunting to some but are a great tool to have for promoting your business online and bringing in more customers.

This tutorial will take a look at setting up and tracking more effective ads for your business. Although this is a slightly more difficult approach to promoting your company on Facebook. It is a lot, lot, lot more effective!

If you are just starting off with advertising via Facebook, then maybe best to review our previous Facebook Ads tutorial first.


how do I sign up for business manager?

Facebook Business Manager 

Using Facebook Business Manager – Step by Step

Building an appropriate Facebook audience for your ads

Emojipedia – Search for emojis quickly for your ads

Set up a Facebook Pixel


Matt Shields

Matt Shields

Matt Shields is the social media and marketing manager at CakeFlix. Matt looks after the marketing emails, social media accounts, advertising, blogs, SEO and analytics at CakeFlix, as well as help to develop business strategies with Paul and David for the website.
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