I Love You Baby with Sachiko Windbiel Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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I Love You Baby with Sachiko Windbiel
with Sachiko Windbiel
HD Lessons: 6
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1. Episode 1 - Baby Fondant Figure

Sachiko’s signature style Baby Figure Creation including detailed facial expressions.

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2. Episode 2 - Baby Cupcake Toppers

Sachiko is showing her Simple Cute Style Cupcake Toppers using Cookie Cutters in a Flat 3D Topper style.

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3. Episode 3 - Baby Face Cookies

Sachiko’s New Challenge with Cookie Dough. She is playing with the dough and making Baby Faces similar to her Rolled Fondant Technique.

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4. Episode 4 - Flat 3D Style Cake Topper

Sachiko is presenting her Flat 3D Style Pregnant Mom Cake Topper.

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5. Episode 5 - Tiny Thumb Size Figure

Sachiko is presenting her Thumb Size Figure. Simple, Easy and Strong, let’s make these fun 3D Figures!!

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6. Episode 6 - Baby Monkey on Your Finger

Sachiko presents her Cute Monkey Figure with a DIY special structure. Easy, Cute and Fun, let’s make these fun Monkey Rings with Children!!

Sachiko Windbiel’s Fondant Figure Modeling Series. Her content is primarily focused on Baby themes and you will enjoy watching her unique techniques.

You can contact Sachiko directly via www.mimicafeunion.com.

Sachiko Windbiel

Sachiko Windbiel

Sachiko Windbiel is the owner of mimicafe Union, based in New York City.  mimicafe Union provides instruction in the creation of fondant cake toppers & figures to cake decorators of all skill levels.  Her artistic skills are self developed and inspired by her childhood fascination with Manga and animation.  Her mix of skill, originality and humour has led to many teaching opportunities, far and wide, as well as many cake show awards and honours.  At her workshops, participants from all over the world can attest to Sachiko’s skill as an instructor and to her enthusiasm for her students.
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