Little monsters Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Little monsters
with Brenda Walton
Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 5
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1. Monsters faces

Brenda covers some great techniques and designs to create her monsters, which will certainly help you to create your own. Try and make these as fun as possible and find out the lucky little recipient’s favourite colours and monsters to recreate these for a customised cake!

Tip: Always start from the middle monster and work your way outwards.

For the full tutorial see Monsters in Bed

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2. Continuing with the faces

The monsters faces are continued in this lesson and finished with the very end blue monster.

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3. Adding the arms

Arms and extra bits are created for the monsters using sugarpaste in each monster’s colour. Remember to do what you’re comfortable with and make the design your own. Fingernails are then created using a tiny ball tool (or back of your paint brush) and then tiny sugarpaste teardrop shapes or balls are glued onto the fingers to create the fingernails!

Tip: Change the colour of the fingernails for something more funky!

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4. Adding the faces

Brenda starts the facial details by rolling out black sugarpaste (as thin as you can!) followed by cutting this out using a number 5 or 6 circular piping tip. This creates some great pupils for the eyes!

Using 22 gauge florists wire, antennae can be created then wrapped with sugarpaste or an impression mould can be used to create shapes for the antennae.

Tip: Have fun with the expressions!

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5. Finishing touches

The shading covered in this lesson will transform your cake and make the colours pop! A Petal Crafts Petaldust palette is used for the shading which features plenty of shades of light to dark colours which look extremely eye-catching.

Once you’re happy with your shading you can finally attach the footboard of the bed, and your cake is almost done!

Tip: Remember to create shading using a darker colour of the same tone, it gives extra depth.

Brenda Walton

Brenda Walton

Brenda also flew in all the way from the good old US of A. She has created an awesome course for us which has been super popular. Brenda also has an amazing facebook page, full of tips, tricks and all things cake, you may have already heard of it - Sugar High Inc? She also supplies the famous BakeDrops for Cake photography! If you haven't heard of them - they are must! Go check them out!
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