Log Cabin Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Log Cabin
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 16
Decorating time: 3-5 Hours
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1. Carving and Ganaching - Part 1

It’s not 2d its not 3d its 2.5d! In this lesson Paul shows you how to go someway towards a 3d effect but without all the difficulty that comes with it. It’s in the carving and ganaching shown in this video that the structure is created.


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2. Carving and Ganaching - Part 2

After the previous layer of ganache is made firm from around 10-15 mins refrigeration, Paul neatens the ganache and proceeds to cover the top of the cake. Following this requires a further 10 mins of refrigeration to firm up the layer.


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3. Carving and Ganaching - Part 3

Any excess ganache is now trimmed off using a pallette knife, then a smoothness is applied using a pastry brush dipped in hot water.


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4. Logs - Part 1

Using one third chocolate sugarpaste and two thirds cream sugarpaste, Paul shows you how to make and measure the logs that will surround the log cabin.


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5. Logs - Part 2

Now it’s time to trim the logs to size using your cake smoother and knife for a neat finish, Paul follows this up by showing you how to add the horizontal logs to the front of the cabin.


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6. Logs - Part 3

An edging is now applied to the cabin using a darker brown sugarpaste to add a contrast to the existing wooden logs. Paul shows how to really add a dash of style to the cabin using a trim cutter, you can really start to see the cake come together at this point.


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7. The Roof - Part 1

Using a grey sugarpaste and a square cutter, Paul creates some great textured slates for the roof of the log cabin and shows how to fix them on.


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8. The Roof - Part 2

The finishing touches are now added to the top of the roof with a nice and simple brown sugarpaste log.
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9. Door and Windows

Paul uses a 5.5CM x 10.5CM card to cut out the door shape and a 4.5CM x 5.5CM card for the window shape, these are finished off with sugarpaste cut outs and Paul shows you how to frame both the windows and the door with a textured brown sugarpaste.
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10. Decorating the Board - Part 1

Lesson 10 covers the decorating of the board using a bright blue and a green sugarpaste, this adds a splash of colour to the cake and really emphasizes the 2D/3D effect.


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11. Decorating the Board - Part 2

Paul begins by adding texture to the grass and a great stone path, this is followed up by a nice technique of making fir trees from sugarpaste cones, just don’t get too snip happy!
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12. Moose Head

Not in the original plan but this looks great! Paul shows how to make the Moose head trophy for the front of the cabin using sugarpaste and circular cutters – this is attached using a stick of spaghetti so don’t forget it’s in there!
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13. Teddy Bears

It’s time to add a little life to the cake! Paul shows how to make the bears that are climbing all over the house, simple but highly effective!
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14. Finishing Touches

The final lesson covers adding binoculars popping out of the windows (looking for bears of course!) some lustre where it’s needed and a tartan ribbon to finish off!


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15. Pro Lesson

Paul is joined by David in a rare double act Pro Lesson! Prices for making (and selling ) this cake are covered and the benefits of making this cake in your business.
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16. Other Ideas

Log Cabin


Paul talks about some other ideas and styles that can be used with this cake.

Learn to make this fantastic Log Cabin cake, an in between 3D and 2D (2.5D! ) cake which includes bears for that true Log Cabin in the woods feel!

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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