Mini Chocolate Wraps Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Mini Chocolate Wraps
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 6
Decorating time: 4-6 Hours
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1. Preparing the Cakes

Paul starts off the mini chocolate wraps by cutting the circles out of a 10″ square cake, then filling them with Bailey’s Irish Cream (orange truffle flavour) and ganache for the extra height and flavour.
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2. Ganaching the Cakes

After chilling the mini cakes from the previous lesson, it’s time to add a layer of soft ganache around the outside of the cakes and on the top to give a better surface for wrapping and decorating and of course that all important flavour! Following this, pop the cakes back in the fridge to allow the ganache to harden.
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3. Wrapping the Cakes

It’s time to wrap the cakes using the modelling chocolate, if you’ve made one of Paul’s wrap cakes before this step will come easy to you, otherwise pay close attention and practice makes perfect.
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4. Making the Decorations

While the cakes are cooling you’ll have a chance to make some decorations to add, in this lesson Paul shows you how to make some funky fans and beautiful butterflies to attach later. Of course you can always choose some different decorations to add your own flare to the cakes.
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5. Assembling the Cakes

At this stage you have a full production line of mini wraps and you should be ready to assemble the cakes. Follow Paul’s tips in this lesson for arranging the fruit on each cake and finish off with a spray of PME edible glaze spray for that shiny finish, it looks great!
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6. Finishing Touches

In this lesson Paul shows the ideal layout for the cakes and how to construct the cake stand. Get some great ideas of how to decorate around the cakes using the left over fruit and chocolate decorations. You may even prefer to have these cakes on a single tier and use them as a great feature of a dinner party of posh buffet!

A change from Paul’s normal chocolate wrap cakes, these Mini Chocolate Wraps look and taste amazing, they’re filled with fresh fruit and yummy cake and are a great addition to a dinner party or wedding cake alternative.


Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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