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Photography overview
with Paul Doffman
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1. Photography overview

Photography is a hugely important part of a cake decorating. After the cakes are sold or left on a display and faded away all you are left with is the the photos, so it’s really important to do the best job you can to get the best image possible.

Often you won’t be able to hire a pro photographer, you might not have the money to do so or the time needed to arrange it before the cake goes out, that leaves you with the option of doing it yourself! So do you rush out and spend £600 on a DSLR camera you have no idea to use? Well you could or you could watch this course! Using only a mobile phone you will be surprised at what can be achieved with 5 minutes of your time and no skill whatsoever! This course covers a very simple setup that you can use time and time again to get great photos of your cakes.

Paul Doffman, who you may remember from such tutorials as; ‘The Dinosaur Cake’, ‘Internet Marketing’ and many more, talks you through how to make the most of what you already have.

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Paul Doffman

Paul Doffman

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