Polka Dot Hat Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Polka Dot Hat
with Mish Pattinson
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 14
Decorating time: 8 hours
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Bite sized

Watch Mish make her Polka Dot Hat cake in just one minute!

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Hand-picked highlights from the full tutorial for those in a rush!

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1. covering the dummy

In this lesson, Mish shows you how to cover a dummy cake in sugarpaste and how to smooth the edges for a nice sharp finish.

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2. Stencilling spots

To get the polka dot effect, Mish attaches the polka dot mesh stencil to the cake then covers it in a layer of royal icing which is then scraped off using a smoother.

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3. Stenciling fabric

Mish uses the same technique as before to apply the polka dot effect to the edible fabric.

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4. Making the sugar hat

In this lesson, Mish shows you how to create a hat topper by covering a millinery sinamay fascinator base hat former in sugarpaste.

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5. Making quick peonies

In this lesson, Mish shows you the technique to making each size of peony petal.

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6. Wiring the peony petals

Mish wires up the petals using florist tape and dental floss. Dental floss is used to keep the wires tight and stop them spinning but also allow for some flexibility.

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7. Making fabric effect roses

Mish shows you a very quick way of making beautiful roses for your cakes.

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8. Making realistic leaves

In this lesson, Mish uses a standard leaf cutter to get the shape of the leaves then  uses a veiner to get the texture.

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9. Attaching the ruffles

In this lesson, Mish pleats the edible fabric and attaches it to the side of the cake. Another sheet of edible fabric is then used to cover the hat.

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10. Adding the flowers

Time to bring it all together by adding the flower.

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11. Other ideas

Some other ideas to inspire your own designs.

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12. Pro lesson

Here, Mish talks about the ins and outs of selling a cake like this.

Polka Dot Hat Cake Tutorial

Learn how to make this amazing Polka Dot Hat cake with Mish Pattison!

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to...

  • Cover dummy cakes,
  • Use stenciling techniques,
  • Make a molded edible hat topper,
  • Make edible sugar flowers,
  • and much, much more

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Mish Pattinson

Mish Pattinson

Mish of VS Cakes is a full time IT Consultant and self-confessed cake tool addict. A few years into what was initially a hobby, she now has a cake-decorating hobby on steroids and a dedicated cake shed in her garden! Mish attended her first cupcake class at Fair Cake in 2013, but wanted to learn big cakes. This was where she met Paul and David and went on to develop her skills and film a tutorial with Paul, before filming her very own PBSS tutorial. Mish also loves to enter cake competitions and has won multiple awards, most recently a gold medal at Manchester Cake International 2015 and was part of the award winning Hollywoof Team at Cake International 2014.  More recently, she has been involved in the Bakers Unite to Fight and Rocky Horror Show collaborations all of which she has greatly enjoyed!