Realistic fish Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Realistic fish
with Rose Macefield
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 5
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1. Shaping the rainbow trout

Now it’s time to model the fish, the fish in this course is based on a Rainbow Trout. Rose uses an image of a Rainbow Trout found on Google images, keep referring to an image to get the model looking just right.

For the full tutorial see Catch of the day

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2. Adding the details

This section covers some detailing on the fishes head and also adding the scale effect to the fish. To achieve the most realistic looking fish, go to your local fish monger and buy the actual fish, so you can create an exact replica.

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3. Adding the tail

Once the fish body is textured, it’s time to create a tail for the fish and blend this onto the existing body. Rose also starts some base colouring of the fish.

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4. Painting and colouring

This section is important and gives the fish that ultra-realistic quality. Rose uses a pearl, silver and black lustre spray for the different areas of the fish. Remember to clean the nozzle frequently so you don’t get any unwanted splodges of lustre on the fish. The realistic effect is finished off using some brush shading techniques.

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5. Finishing touches

Rose adds a touch of colour to the fins to bring the fish to life (sort of) a little bit more!

Rose Macefield

Rose Macefield

Since decorating her first cake in 2007, Rose now has a spectacular list of international awards under her belt including Cake International, Overall Best in Show 2013 and an amazing Cake Masters award for Overall Best In Show 2014! Rose also regularly contributes articles and tutorials to Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine and of course us at the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School.
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