Scabious Sugar Flower Cake Technique Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Scabious Sugar Flower Cake Technique
with Robert Haynes
Skill level: Advanced Cake Decorating | CakeFlix - Skill Level Courses
HD Lessons: 15
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1. Making the glaze

For the full tutorial see Butterfly Blue Scabious

Here Robert shares with us his recipes for creating fantastic glaze for various finishes.

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2. Making the pistils and stamens

This lesson is full of wonderfully delicate work that adds incredible realism to the flowers using everyday items and clever techniques.

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3. Making the flowers

Here Robert shows us how to make the beautiful individual flowers that make up the scabious using the coloured flower paste we prepared earlier.

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4. Colouring the flowers

Now that the flowers for the scabious are ready Robert shows us how to colour them using various dusts, as well as some great paint brush techniques.

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5. Making the seed pods

Here Robert makes the seed pods, which are the centre of the scabious. He demonstrates two methods – one a lot quicker than the other – but you can tell Robert would rather take the long road for the more authentic look.

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6. Working on the closed bud

Robert creates various stages of the scabious life, and in this lesson shows us how to complete the closed bud using various dusts and fine hairs.

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7. Attaching the smaller flowers

Now it’s time to attach the flower to the centre of the scabious and Robert shows us some fantastic techniques to achieve realistic results.

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8. Attaching the larger flowers

Robert starts off by attaching the smaller flowers, as well as the stamens, to the centre.

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9. Making the calyx

In this lesson Robert shows us how to make the calyx which attaches underneath the flower.

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10. Attaching the hairs and calyx

We see it really start to come together in this lesson with the finer details being added with careful use of tweezers and homemade edible glue.

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11. Dusting and steaming the flowers

Robert uses various dusts mixed together to create wonderful tones and then shows us some great brush techniques to highlight only the key areas.

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12. Making the scabious leaf

Robert starts off by showing us how to make the scabious leaf using special cutters he has personally designed which can be purchased through his website. He shows us a clever technique when using leaf cutters which will save you a lot of time. Corn flour is key!

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13. Colouring the leaves

Now that the leaves are ready it’s time to dust them and glaze them using the homemade edible glaze recipe.

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14. Putting it all together

Here we see all the different flowers, leaves and everything being turned into a complete arrangement.

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15. Making the contorted hazel

Robert shares a little something extra with this great technique for creating contorted hazel, which adds lovely dynamic movement to the arrangement.

Robert Haynes

Robert Haynes

Robert Haynes is a completely self-taught sugar crafter. He learnt through reading books and studying the anatomy of flowers and foliage and wished he had access to classes and teachers to learn from, so he now does just this and travel far and wide teaching students how to create beautifully realistic sugar flowers and foliage. One of his particular skills is recreating life-size botanically correct blooms which he show-cases as pieces of art.
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