Scuba diver Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Scuba diver
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Advanced
HD Lessons: 7
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1. Starting on the diver

Paul starts by working on the legs. He has a picture of a rather muscle bound model in front of him to help him along the way. You may want to find a more every day torso as your reference, as it can make things easier. Creating defined muscles can be quite tricky.

For the full tutorial see Wanderlust

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2. Torso

Paul moves on to the torso, adding definition to the stomach as well as the shoulders and chest area. It’s a slow process and needs to be if you want it to look good. Lots of small and careful adjustments, and smoothing as you go. Get used to using your fingers and have an image to study in front of you. You could make life easier by adding clothes to your figure, but Paul is up to the challenge.

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3. Arms and shaping

In this lesson Paul adds the arms and shows us how to develop realistic shapes and detail using the sugar shaper tools.

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4. Adding the head and mask

Here Paul adds the head. You may be pleased to know that as a snorkelling mask will be added, there is no real need to get overly detailed when creating the face, but the practise is always good. Paul sandwiches small oval pieces of modelling chocolate around the wire and then gradually builds up the face without adding any additional chocolate apart from the ears. Modelling tools at the ready!

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5. Making the hands

Paul now makes the hands for the models and opts for the simpler style of hands. All you need is five fingers, that are in proportion and the thumbs are in the correct place. It’s always advisable to create both hands at the same time.

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6. Adding the trunks

Paul decides modelling chocolate perhaps isn’t the most realistic skin tone and so gets painting. He uses a mixture of dusts mixed with alcohol, but later on discovers that using white with champagne dusts works best. He then adds the swimming trunks which proves to be both challenging and entertaining. It’s time to let the model dry properly before finishing it, so now we shall go back to the cake.

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7. Finishing details

In this lesson, Paul adds the models flippers, snorkel and hair and then goes around his face and body with a little dust to highlight certain areas. All we have to do now is cover the board and add the model, and then we’re done.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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