Sugar Shenanigans with Raewyn Read Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Sugar Shenanigans with Raewyn Read
with Raewyn Read
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Raewyn is always full of laughs, but inside she has a heart of gold and the cake decorating skills to match. Check out what Raewyn gets up to at:

Raewyn Read

Raewyn Read

Raewyn Read is an award-winning, international cake decorator and instructor who discovered her passion for cake decorating when she made her youngest daughter's first birthday cake, utilizing the strong base of art and design knowledge she had honed through many years of creative pursuits. She is able to create using a variety of mediums but is mostly known for her figure modelling and original design concepts which have lead to her participating in numerous collaborations, including the award-winning Starry Night collaboration, and teaching cake decorating classes all across America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, including her own studio in Sydney.
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