Sweet Talk with Emma Jayne Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Sweet Talk with Emma Jayne
with Emma-Jayne Morris
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1. Sweet Talk with Emma Jayne

In our premiere episode, David chats with the talented cake artist Emma Jayne about her cake journey, her inspirations, and the challenges and rewards of creating intricate and beautiful cake designs. So sit back, relax, and join us for some sweet talk!

Welcome to “Sweet Talk,” where we chat with some of the most talented cake artists in the world. In each episode, our host, David Brice, the director of CakeFlix, will be sitting down with a different cake artist to talk about their cake journey, their creative process, and the challenges they face in the world of cake artistry.

Our first guest is none other than Emma Jayne, an award-winning cake artist based in Wales. Emma’s intricate and stunning cake designs have won numerous awards, and she is renowned for her attention to detail and use of unique materials and techniques. Join us as David delves into Emma’s creative mind and learns about her inspirations, her techniques, and the obstacles she’s overcome in her cake journey. Tune in to “Sweet Talk” for a sweet and inspiring conversation that is sure to delight any cake enthusiast!

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Emma-Jayne Morris

Emma-Jayne Morris

Truly one of the top cake artists and a wonderful personality besides, CakeFlix are delighted to welcome Emma-Jayne as a guest artist. Perhaps best known for her amazing sculptures at Cake International including Maleficent from the Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and the emotionally charge War Horse, but to name just a few. But Emma-Jayne is also an exceptional tutor, which has seen her teaching all over the world. The sculptures that she creates are stunning in both size and detail. Emma-Jayne was the first featured artist in CakeFlix on-the-sofa chat, Sweet Talk. During the chat she discloses how she got started, who inspired her and some great advice for anyone setting off on their cake decorating journey. Emma-Jayne has received a number of amazing awards including Cake Hero at the Cake Masters Magazine Awards and Cake Artist of the Year at the D’licious Cake Magazine Awards. She has won many more besides and given her amazing talent, there are plenty more to come.
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